Helping you make sense of the energy and water sectors

About us

Cornwall Insight is the pre-eminent provider of research, analysis, consulting and training to businesses and stakeholders in the Great British, Irish and Australian energy markets. We leverage a combination of analytical capability, a detailed appreciation of regulation codes and policy frameworks, and a practical understanding of how markets function.

Cornwall Insight is named after its founder Nigel Cornwall and was established in 2005 with just three employees. The company has experienced exceptional growth and today employs over 80 people globally and has over 250 customers.

We are regarded as the market leader in our area; with a wide range of businesses valuing our services, and our research is regularly cited in the national press. We were also awarded the 2020 FT Management Consultancy Award in the energy, utilities and environment sector, for the second year running.

What do we do?

Consultancy: A bespoke research and advisory service that gives deep qualitative insight supported by quantitative analysis to help businesses understand the energy market and its policies and develop viable business strategies.

Training: We provide Energy Institute-accredited courses designed to boost the knowledge and skills of attendees. With a clear training pathway, there is always room to grow.

Market Intelligence Reports: Covering the full breadth of the UK and Ireland energy industry our regular reports give a comprehensive appraisal of the energy landscape allowing customers to understand the impact of a changing industry landscape as well as policy and regulation changes.

Publications: Our weekly and monthly publications keep pace with the fast-moving complex and multi-faceted market. The publications break down the key topics giving important analysis on developments in the market.