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Helping you make sense of the energy and water sectors

About us

Creating clarity

Getting to grips with the intricacies embedded in energy and water markets can be a daunting task. There is a wealth of information online to help you keep up-to-date with the latest developments, but finding what you are looking for and understanding the impact for your business can be tough. That’s where Cornwall Insight comes in, providing independent and objective expertise. You can ensure your business stays ahead of the game by taking advantage of our:

  • Publications - covering the full breadth of the GB energy industry our reports and publications will help you keep pace with the fast moving, complex and multi-faceted markets by collating all the “must-know” developments and breaking-down complex topics;
  • Market research and insight - providing you with comprehensive appraisals of the energy landscape helping you track, understand and respond to industry developments; effectively budget for fluctuating costs and charges; and understand the best route to market for your power;
  • Training, events and forums -from new starters to industry veterans, our training courses will ensure your team has the right knowledge and skills to support your business growth ambitions; and
  • Consultancy - energy market knowledge and expertise utilised to provide you with a deep insight to help you prove your business strategies are viable.

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