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Whether you are developing market-entry strategies or you need independent advice to inform your business plan, you can depend on Cornwall.

Selected for our unparalleled depth of sector expertise, commercial know-how and experience, we have helped a broad range of clients tackle their toughest challenges. Whether you’re a business leader, investor or policy maker, you can depend on Cornwall to help you stay one step ahead.

Our consultancy capabilities statement

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Strategy and Business Plan Development

In this highly competitive environment, knowing how to defend existing markets, assess entries into new ones, develop growth strategies, control costs, and profitably invest resources is imperative. With a highly experienced and qualified team of consultants Cornwall has helped our clients grow their core business, successfully launch new segments, and developed and implemented on a business plan that provides industry leading revenue and operating income growth.

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Bespoke Forecasting and Modelling

To maintain margins in an increasingly competitive market, it is crucial that you understand the likely future direction of industry costs and revenues and how these could impact your business models. We make real sense of what the raw numbers mean for your company both in terms of trends, future prospects and, more importantly, business growth.

Cornwall develops bespoke models in response to the specific needs of our clients. We have experience building models of all sizes covering multi-faceted energy markets, which are based on the commercial application of advanced modelling techniques.

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Market Entry

Let Cornwall help take you from start-up to business as usual as smoothly as possible. We have enabled start-ups to successfully enter the fast-moving GB energy markets. Our clients here have included niche suppliers, generators looking for a direct route to consumers to access market prices and businesses looking to bid into the Capacity Market or Contract for Difference schemes.

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Cornwall offers comprehensive energy supplier compliance assessments to examine supplier retail activities against customer-facing GB licence and regulatory requirements.

Assessments are tailored to customer specifications, but can include complete examinations of all customer documents and website materials, and all customer facing interactions and processes.

Each assessment examines practices against the requirements of the supply licence and government legislation, as well as industry best practice. Where any potential non-compliances are identified,  recommendations. Examples of compliant actions are also provided where relevant and available. Each report includes a traffic light rating system to help prioritise changes that may need to be made.

For more information on the Assessments please contact Adam Boorman at a.boorman@cornwall-insight.com or 01603 604417.

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Route to Market Appraisal

There are a number of routes to market open to industry players. However, the road chosen has an impact on set-up costs, time-frames, risks, compliance and licencing requirements. Our unique edge is a deep understanding of different types of business model and how your choice of route will impact your business now and in the future.

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Due Diligence

Cornwall has deep experience of due diligence; typically we offer transaction advice to the potential buyer or purchaser, investigating the commercial and operational activities of the asset or company. Our customers value the unique insights into risks associated with investments, risk management policies and global regulatory requirements for risk management that we provide.

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Bespoke Research

If you have a specific problem, concern or question, Cornwall can provide a full range of bespoke research and consultancy services. We ensure that our services are bespoke, leading edge and practical for all users and ultimately meets your unique needs.

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