Senior Business Development Manager

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Ben is Senior Business Development Manager at Cornwall Insight. Ben’s purpose is to really understand a customer’s need and implement a solution that helps them realise their goals, by orchestrating Cornwall Insight’s globally recognised expert advice and analysis.

Areas of particular interest include enabling businesses to realise their net zero ambitions, Electric Vehicle (EV) propositions and helping retail suppliers to compete in an ever-evolving market. Prior to Cornwall Insight, Ben’s experience spanned market development at Pure Planet and extensive commercial leadership positions across the Telecoms industry during his eighteen years’ experience. A Mechanical Engineer by training, Ben also holds a Master’s degree in Manufacturing, Management and Information Systems from Cranfield University.

Latest thinking

Net zero corporates and ESG

Help us understand your business decarbonisation challenges

Are you a large business impacted by the challenge of increasing energy costs and decarbonisation targets? If the answer is yes, then we’d love your help to find out more about the challenges you are facing. We recently published an insight paper on the challenging economic climate that businesses are...

Home supply and services

Benefits of household rooftop solar – a personal point of view

This is the next blog post in our irregular series from the Cornwall Insight team on their experiences of installing or owning various energy assets. Like my colleague Ed, I took the decision to invest in solar in March last year as energy prices were making front page news. So yes,...