Senior Consultant

Mobile: 07471 332274
Email: j.patel@cornwall-insight.com

Jitendra joined Cornwall Insight as a Senior Consultant in summer 2021.  He has over 25 years of energy industry experience, with roles in trading, operations, retail supply and a year as a civil servant. He brings his operational experience involving flexibility, asset optimisation, wholesale trading and risk management to the team, leading consulting work on a broad range of topics across the sector, with a particular focus on Hydrogen and Heat.

Jitendra spent 14 years at Centrica Storage, setting up and leading the trading and asset optimisation function covering UK’s then largest gas storage asset Rough. This work included development of trading policies and associated risk management, compliance of regulation in gas storage, and overseeing the physical delivery of new products.

Latest thinking

Power and gas networks

Considerations for forecasting non-commodity costs for large users

Electricity non-commodity costs, also known as Third Party Charges (or TPCs), are faced by the vast majority of end consumers that use electricity. They represent a significant proportion of the energy bill for domestic, SME and large industrial user types; however, their applicability and scale can vary depending on the...

Low carbon generation

MCS Charitable Foundation – Hydrogen Costs

MCS Charitable Foundation (“MCS”) in its charity goal of decarbonising homes, heat and energy has commissioned us to calculate the costs of blue and green hydrogen, based on current and projected gas prices. This report sets out our methodology for this forecast, and our findings in terms of delivered prices...