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Oliver is a Lead Analyst in the Consumer Markets team, leading our work on electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Since joining the team Oliver has expanded our research into EV charging, connected homes, supply innovation and domestic flexibility, and has authored reports on smart metering, domestic tariffs, routes to market, and competitive dynamics.

Oliver joined the team in 2017 having previously worked for several years on climate change policy in the civil service. He has a master’s degree in sustainable energy systems.

Latest thinking

E-mobility and low carbon

EV drivers passed peak prices when charging on-street 

In October, lamppost EV charging provider Ubitricity rolled out a new pricing structure, which included a higher p/kWh rate for peak times. In this blog, we will look at why Ubitricity has taken this step, and how other lamppost charge point operators are structuring their tariffs.   How and why has...

E-mobility and low carbon

Welcome Break: public EV charging prices and energy bill relief

The energy crisis has pushed up prices for drivers charging their EVs on the public network. A depressing milestone was passed last month, when a public charging operator (CPO) had to increase its prices to a new high of £1/kWh. Many others have also put through significant increases, as regular...

Regulation and policy

Hanging in the balance – Ofgem’s latest proposals on protecting customer credit and RO payments

Ofgem has published a consultation setting out its latest proposal to deal with the risks – and costs – of supplier failure. This forms part of a broader piece of work on increasing the financial resilience of suppliers and curbing the costs passed on to all customers after a supplier...

Business supply and services

All mod cons: Routes to market for household flexibility

According to National Grid’s 2019 Future Energy Scenarios[1], meeting decarbonisation targets could require deployment in GB of 13GW of flexibility from commercial and industrial consumers by 2050, compared to around 1GW currently available. While there are currently no comparable forecasts for domestic demand-side response (DSR), energy suppliers and technology companies...

Home supply and services

The end of the beginning: Domestic market share

With switching rates relatively low (3% for electricity in Q318) and incumbent players still comfortably dominating the markets, you could be forgiven for thinking little is set to change in the Irish domestic supply markets. But we believe a closer look at the regulator’s latest market share figures, with an...

Home supply and services

Digitalisation increasingly key part of supplier strategies

Spark and EDF Energy were the latest to make big moves towards digitalisation last week, as an increasing number of suppliers look to capitalise on the potential cost savings and improved customer experience offered through the integration of “self service” platforms. Both suppliers now boast chatbots which can act as...