Head of Model Analytics

Phone: 01603 604400

Sarah is the Head of Model Analytics at Cornwall Insight. She has a background in electrical engineering and over eight years’ techno-economic modelling experience. Before joining Cornwall Insight, Sarah worked for WSP, consulting for a range of international stakeholders from government utilities and international financiers to start-ups and private investors. She has specialised in market simulation, generation planning and dispatch, and renewable integration studies using PLEXOS and SDDP.

Her experience includes building bespoke models for master planning the Ethiopian power system, co-optimising the power and water sectors under varying levels of inter-emirate cooperation in the UAE, and assessing the feasibility of combined solar and battery energy storage projects in GB, Senegal and the Caribbean.

Sarah leads the GB Modelling Team and supports the development and optimisation of market models that provide bespoke quantitative analysis for clients and analytics and forecasts for some of Cornwall Insight’s key energy products.

Latest thinking

Low carbon generation

GB Power Market Outlook to 2030

This report provides an annual overview of trends for the GB Power Market out to 2030 using outputs from Cornwall Insight’s latest Benchmark Power Curve (BPC) for the British Electricity Market covering England, Scotland and Wales. This publication is based on comprehensive market and asset-level power price modelling that delivers...