Senior Consultant

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Tom is a Senior Consultant at Cornwall Insight. He has a history in regulation, and was part of the New Markets and Pixie Energy initiatives, building a specialism in smart flexible local energy systems across power, heat and transport and working on several innovation projects. He has developed new services looking at international markets, expanding the Group’s remit into the European arena. Tom also has extensive knowledge of the GB water markets.

Tom grew up in Surrey before moving to Norwich in 2003 to study at UEA, gaining a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in Medieval History. He came to Cornwall Insight in 2016 after nine years in financial services, where he was a regulated financial adviser overseeing investment process development and regulatory compliance.

At Cornwall Insight, his experience includes:

  • Creating guides to local energy for several governmental and non-governmental bodies
  • Providing insight on power-sector regulation and economics for generators and end-users
  • Research into European and global energy markets on topics including wholesale market design and balancing services
  • Green certificates markets, pricing and price trends, and regulatory developments

Latest thinking

Low carbon generation

MCS Charitable Foundation – Hydrogen Costs

MCS Charitable Foundation (“MCS”) in its charity goal of decarbonising homes, heat and energy has commissioned us to calculate the costs of blue and green hydrogen, based on current and projected gas prices. This report sets out our methodology for this forecast, and our findings in terms of delivered prices...


Rewire-NW project

The Rewire-NW project was launched in spring 2020. Led by Pure Leapfrog, the project is developing plans to create a range of business models to implement locally-focused energy projects, leading the town of Warrington towards Net Zero. Rewire-NW is a forward-looking and innovative project that aims to connect Warrington using...

Low carbon generation

Green Certificate Survey results | high availability, low demand, low prices

The value for Green Certificates has fallen dramatically according to our quarterly Green Certificate Survey. The survey takes a snapshot of the Green Certificate market providing pricing views and trends for Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO), Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) and Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGO) certificate markets....

Energy storage and flexibility

Editor’s Pick | Belgian capacity support to take novel form

This article was originally published in Issue 22 in Energy:2030. On 12 September, the Belgian Federal Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation (CREG) issued a note on the implementation of a scarcity pricing mechanism in Belgium. Explaining that renewable generation may cause massive overcapacity in future with difficulties for generators relying...

Low carbon generation

99 green balloons – 2018 fuel mix disclosure

On 19 September, Utility Regulator Northern Ireland (UREGNI) issued its 2018 fuel mix disclosure report. This document sets out the calendar year fuel mix and carbon dioxide emissions for each electricity supplier. This week's blog shows the 2018 generation split between renewable and conventional fuels, average All-Island fuel mix, residual...

Commercial and market outlook

Editor’s Pick | CEER addresses energy communities’ regulation

On 25 June 2019, the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) issued a report entitled Regulatory Aspects of Self-Consumption and Energy Communities. Following the introduction of recognised terms Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) and Citizen Energy Communities (CECs), or collectively Energy Communities, CEER has developed a regulatory approach to analyse these energy...

Energy storage and flexibility

Tomorrow’s energy today – Renewable transition pathways

EirGrid published its bi-annual Tomorrow's Energy Scenarios 2019 consultation on 28 June, outlining scenarios for the future development of Ireland’s electricity future, over a 20-year timeframe. It maps out three scenarios intended to outline a range of credible pathways to the renewable energy transition, and what these would mean for the transmission system...

Low carbon generation

Coming in hot: Final T-4 CRM results published

On 7 May, the System Operators released the final results of the 2022-23 T-4 capacity auction, setting out the winners of agreements. While previous T-1 auctions are not comparable, the System Operators were satisfied that prices between the auction had been stable. The clearing price was €46,150/MW, for a total...