Head of Consumer Markets

Phone: +44 (0)1603 542135

Tom is the Head of Consumer Markets at Cornwall Insight, with seven years’ experience in the market. He is responsible for our insight on domestic and non-domestic supply markets, including commercial developments, regulatory updates and adjacent services such as electric vehicles. 

Beyond retail energy supply through his consulting work, Tom has specialised in flexibility markets and network charging. He has helped develop business cases for generators and flexible assets, worked on innovation programmes with network operators and been involved with strategy development for some of the largest energy suppliers in both the domestic and business electricity and gas markets.

Latest thinking

E-mobility and low carbon

2022’s most exciting ‘Charts of the Week’

Some of our team have looked back throughout 2022 and picked their most exciting ‘Chart of the Week’.​Their choices include exploring green tariffs, wholesale gas prices, CfD allocation round 4 and the MHHS Implementation Levy.  It’s My Birthday – Two years of Dynamic Containment Picked by Tom Faulkner, Head of...

Business supply and services

Terms and conditions apply: Ofgem looking further into business market

As turbulence has continued in the wholesale energy markets throughout 2022, including through the crucial October contracting round for the business supply market, non-domestic energy suppliers have come under considerable pressure. Firstly, they have had to attempt to pass through extraordinary price increases to customers in recent months, particularly if...

Home supply and services

Rise and fall – regulated price changes afoot

Despite a high number of suppliers per capita, the largest supplier in the Northern Irish electricity market retains a high market share and a price control. In this week's blog, discuss the recently announced price rise for Power NI, and compare this to the reductions announced in the price cap...

Home supply and services

SMETS2 is coming – but who’s going to install it?

In the world of smart metering, many of the impacts of the delayed transition to SMETS2 technology are well understood and discussed. Indeed, the derogations given by BEIS to 12 suppliers supplying 86% of the market to install further SMETS1 meters between October 2018 and January 2019, and the consultations...

Business supply and services

New survey shows TPIs at risk of being left behind on technology

The results from our new survey covering opinions of business energy suppliers on third party intermediaries (TPIs) are published today. It is clear that the suppliers strongly recognise the important role of TPIs in the business supply markets, but equally clear that there is much more to be done in...

Home supply and services

Why are suppliers pushing customers so hard on smart?

As the 2020 deadline for domestic smart metering looms, suppliers across the board are ramping up their install rates. During the first three months of 2018, we’ve witnessed a variety of tactics used to increase installation rates – some of which have drawn criticism from the press. So why the...

Home supply and services

10mn meters – long road ahead for smart roll-out

Our latest Domestic Smart Metering Market report, published last week, shows 10mn domestic smart meters had been installed by the end of 2017. Although this is a significant milestone, and the rate of installations has increased, there is a long way to go for the smart meter roll-out. As the...