Consulting Analyst

Phone: 01603 542114
Email: w.mann-belotti@cornwall-insight.com

William is a Consulting Analyst within the Consulting team at Cornwall Insight, contributing content for the daily bulletin as well as the weekly reports. He also regularly contributes to the weekly Energy Spectrum. William keeps up to date on regulatory developments in electric vehicles and low carbon transport, contributing to the monthly Electric Vehicle & Charging Infrastructure forum.

Before joining Cornwall Insight in July 2021, William graduated from University of East Anglia with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Environmental Science and spent 2 years working as a Technical Chemist. His role involved assessing and managing industrial chemical waste, recycling it where possible and disposing of it correctly if recycling wasn’t possible.

Latest thinking

Low carbon generation

Energy System Reform: Ofgem shares plans for Britain’s energy system

Against the backdrop of record high and volatile energy prices, Ofgem set out on 8 July its view on key aspects of the GB energy system where it considers significant reform is required to deliver a resilient, low cost, low carbon energy sector. Recent developments in the energy market, such...

E-mobility and low carbon

Expanded guidance provides more clarity on electricity supply to EVs

In a burgeoning EV-centric world, Ofgem’s updated guidance on supplying electricity to electric vehicles (EV) should provide clarity for many organisations around the supply arrangements in place for different charging scenarios. Due to their mobile nature, EVs don’t fit in with the legislative model that defines an electricity consumer by...