Cornwall Insight Australia’s Alba Ruiz Leon features in KPMG 30 Voices on 2030

Alba Ruiz Leon, Managing Director of Cornwall Insight Australia, an award-winning international firm delivering comprehensive insight that enables businesses, markets, and policymakers to succeed in the net zero transition, features in KPMG’s 30 Voices on 2030 – The Future of Energy report.

Cornwall Insight is a pre-eminent provider of energy market intelligence that creates clarity for key stakeholders involved in the energy sector. It delivers to customers through its consultancy, training, and subscription insight services.

The KPMG 30 Voices on 2030 – The Future of Energy report brings together 30 distinguished leaders in the energy sector to understand what the future of the industry in 2030 could look like. The report explores a broad range of issues from the future generation mix, system strength, and the consumer’s role in this new world.

The world Alba envisions is one where Australia undergoes a rapid renewable energy transition quicker than some other countries. But unfortunately, the system and the policies that govern it are still playing catch up.

Alba Ruiz Leon, Managing Director at Cornwall Insight Australia, said:

“It was an honour and privilege to be featured among some of the best and most passionate experts our sector has to offer. The energy system in Australia is currently undergoing a rapid change, and the energy landscape will be significantly different in 2030 to the one we have today.

“Despite what could be a rapid build-out of renewable technology, regulation is still trying to play catch up. The lack of coordinated government policies has undermined the confidence of some private sector investors delaying renewable investment. The consumer has been key in pushing the energy transition agenda by wanting cheaper and greener energy, driving rooftop solar and distributed battery use.

“The biggest development we are likely to see by 2030 is large corporations using the energy market data and insights, like our Benchmark Power Curve, to assess risks for large-scale projects.”

To download the full report please click here.

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