October Energy Executive Summary updates on Vic SEC proposal and Qld Job and Energy Plan

Cornwall Insight Australia’s ‘Energy executive summary’ provides a high-level assessment of key energy market announcements from the last month. Our experts break down each development that you and your business should be aware of so you can respond to changes in the perpetually evolving energy sector. Each summary provides you with a timely update on regulation, policy, and market changes.

There was big news out of Victoria recently following a proposal to resurrect the State Electricity Commission. This follows Queensland’s Job and Energy Plan unveiling to achieve 80% renewable energy in that state by 2035.

Cornwall Insight Australia explores these topics in our October Energy Executive Summary.  The summary contains a succinct analysis of the top market, industry, and regulatory news for the month – a ‘cheat sheet’ for industry participants and investors who need to follow the market but don’t have a lot of time.

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