Hydrogen and LCOH2

Australia has the potential to emerge as a hydrogen superpower, providing plentiful supplies for domestic and international use. Cornwall Insight Australia can support organisations seeking to understand and take advantage of this burgeoning market. Our consulting services provide modelling and analysis of green hydrogen production from renewable power plants using electrolysis. Our in-house hydrogen optimisation models also forecast potential revenue from both the energy and ancillary services markets, the Levelised Cost of Hydrogen (LCOH) of the produced hydrogen over the lifetime of the asset and plant operation costs. This allows decision-makers to assess the viability of particular hydrogen projects.

Cornwall Insight Australia can also provide support with:

  • Regulatory and commercial considerations for developing electrolysers
  • Policy outlook for the development of a hydrogen economy
  • Business models and investment cases for carbon capture to complement hydrogen development
  • Carbon intensity and energy costs of hydrogen produced at different locations in Australia