Energy services

Cornwall Insight has wide-ranging experience across the energy value chain, enabling it to provide cross-market insight into energy services in the business and household markets. We provide bespoke advisory services looking at the opportunities, risks and strategies associated with managing and optimising energy for businesses and household users. We have supported companies looking to launch or reposition their services, assessed the risks of upcoming policy and regulatory change, and developed an understanding of the market scale and cost/carbon opportunity delivered by a smart enabled energy system.

Our team leverage their detailed market understanding to provide support to stakeholders including software providers, investors, energy suppliers, flexibility providers, intermediaries, not-for-profit organisations, technology manufacturers and aggregators.

Cornwall Insight supports with:

  • Understanding opportunities, benefits and risks in energy optimisation
  • Proposition development
  • Strategic repositioning of services
  • Market scaling
  • Horizon scanning to understand risks and opportunities from upcoming regulation, policy, and commercial change
  • Competitor tracking and comparison
  • Revenue optimisation modelling
  • Routes to market assessments
  • International market comparisons
  • Assessment of future scenarios using surveys or archetypes

Case study

Assessment of addressable market

AI software provider | August 2022

The Cornwall Insight team worked with an AI software provider to test their product and commercial strategy. The company, which provides data analysis and optimisation services, was seeking an independent assessment of its addressable market and guidance as to how this might change in the future. Its aims were to validate the markets that are most attractive and best aligned to receive their product, and the markets offering greatest customer traction.

To meet the objectives, the Cornwall Insight team undertook an assessment of energy use in large commercial buildings to understand the overall addressable market, using an aggregated market segmentation set out in Cornwall Insight’s Business Market Share Survey subscription research. The bi-annual survey segments the number of contacts, sites, volumes and meters supplied in different electricity market segments. The team further drilled down into sub-markets, outlining key focus sectors for the company and the scale of building upgrades expected in each area.

The team then developed a view of behind the meter controllable assets to understand the opportunity to manage and optimise a large building’s energy load. We outlined assumptions, the current market and the future market expectations to build a picture of the expected growth in each area.

Case study

The future of energy for smaller businesses

Smart Energy GB | September 2021

Smart Energy GB, the not-for-profit campaign supporting the understanding of smart meters and their benefits, engaged with Cornwall Insight in partnership with Dr Jeff Hardy of Imperial College London to explore the potential opportunities and impacts for smaller businesses and their customers from the uptake of smart meters and associated smarter and innovative business models.

In this thought leadership report, we examined new interactions and collaborations between smaller business customers and parties within the energy market through three case studies that characterise new opportunities. Using archetypal companies, we examined a range of benefits from tariff matchmaking, energy as a service through optimisation of on-site assets, to time of use EV tariffs.

The team used the archetypes to highlight the key challenges that can arise for smaller businesses in engaging with the energy market, with the report published on the Smart Energy GB website.

Case study

Revenue stack analysis

Aggregator of industrial and commercial demand side response | August 2020

Cornwall Insight was engaged by an aggregator accessing demand side response made up of industrial and commercial customers’ behind the meter capacity, and looking to explore revenue opportunities. The Cornwall Insight team provided a review of the company’s existing assumptions around revenue streams, and identification of the most suitable revenue streams for the company’s customers. The assessment considered service requirements (metering requirements, minimum size), behind the meter considerations, the ability to combine or stack revenue streams, Cornwall Insight’s pricing trend outlook, commercial factors and procurement.

We also provided an illustrative revenue stack over the next five years, showing possible £/MW revenues from different services, practical advice on accessing revenue streams and how they may evolve over the next five years reflecting the impacts of competition, and the policy and regulatory landscape.