Route to RESS

Our ‘Route to RESS’ service deploys insight to help you navigate through the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS) auction process. The service consists of a set of tools to assist the market entry and auction process including, analysis of competitor landscape, intelligence around bid pricing, forward power curves and bespoke advisory services.

With new entrants, strong competition likely and key details of the RESS scheme still in the air, our experts will work with you to provide the key insights and understanding to succeed in the auction.

The Route to RESS service elements

Pipeline tracker

Continuously updated register of likely bidders on a project-specific level, providing data for effective competitive analysis and formulation of bidding strategy

SEM Benchmark Power Curve 

Provides a base case scenario from our wholesale forward curve, providing projections of wholesale electricity market prices up to 2050, including negative price projections and capture prices by technology.

Auction simulation model

The RESS auction model uses Cornwall Insight’s SEM Benchmark Power Curve assumptions on project costs and ‘Pipeline tracker’ which creates a range of bid prices for projects. Our ‘Auction simulation model’ is based on the latest terms and conditions and provides a breakdown of each project’s bid attributes, along with successful projects.

Bidding strategy workshop

A workshop via video conference, to work through the outputs, helping you identify potential risks to your bid and discuss the potential of your project securing a contract.

Key benefits

  • understand the RESS process
  • access to our experts
  • opportunity to discuss issues with participants

Who is it for?

  • renewable asset developers
  • project investors
  • legal advisors
  • technical and non-technical teams
  • RESS auction participants