Cornwall Insight refreshes its look for a net zero future

Cornwall Insight is updating its look continuing in our commitment to innovation, clarity, and excellence in the energy sector. As we support our customers in this ever-evolving energy landscape, the refreshed brand will make our offerings easier to understand, clearer to navigate, and more user-friendly, ensuring everybody gets the most out of our solutions.

The updated brand initiative encompasses a fresh visual identity, including updated fonts, colours, and digital services, aimed at enhancing the accessibility and engagement of our products.

Our new Portal, CATALYST, has kicked off the brand change and we will soon be launching a brand-new website which will encompass all these updates. Alongside this, our reports have been refreshed to match the new style. Additionally, we are enhancing our digital offerings with high-quality videos and animations on our website and in our training courses.

Glenn Cooney, Chief Commercial Officer at Cornwall Insight said:

“As I step into my new role as CCO of Cornwall Insight, it is great to see the company brand getting a fresh update. As we strive to deliver more for our customers and expand our operations, Cornwall Insight’s strong brand recognition will now be matched by an equally compelling brand image.

“Our transition as a company, coincides with the broader shift of the energy system towards a cleaner and greener future. As we guide our customers through this evolution in the energy market, our refreshed visual identity and enhanced data and digital offerings will ensure the best accessibility and impact of our solutions.”

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