Energy market and net zero transition learning and development: Role-relevant career development training

We’re well over halfway through the calendar year and are now beginning to see more of the government’s thinking and policy-shaping around what needs to change to meet the 2050 net zero target. For example, the flurry of documents issued towards the end of 2020, including the Energy White Paper and National Infrastructure Strategy, gave detail on the series of strategies and other policy frameworks due to be issued during 2021. In the last few weeks the Climate Change Committee has criticised the government for being too slow to implement net zero policies, with National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios 2021 clearly setting out the scale of the challenge over the coming years to hit 2050 targets.

As the energy markets change and merge with mobility and heat, we have reviewed our market-leading training service based on these developments and customer feedback. Our refreshed online learning and development offering will continue to provide essential knowledge transfer for those starting a career in the net zero transition and complementing induction and onboarding programmes.

The new look is based around a series of online and engaging academies, with each made up of a series of two-hour online modules:

  • Introducing the GB energy markets academy

This is essential training for anyone new to the GB energy markets and is specifically designed to work with induction and onboarding training to give delegates a good grounding in the technical aspects of the market.

  • Net zero transition academy

E-mobility – At this training course, our market experts will lead sessions covering the latest developments in the wider electric vehicle (EV) market, including fundamental policy and regulatory workstreams, smart charging solutions to manage local networks and investment in EV assets.

Decarbonising Heat – This training session will unpack the scale of the challenge ahead, current, and future policies, and potential decarbonisation trajectories.

Future power – This session discusses the potential for changes to the electricity market design to deliver net zero emissions.

Low carbon generation academy

Our experts will introduce the routes to market, including power purchase agreements (PPAs) and corporate power purchase agreements CPPAs, for low carbon generation and the commercial and revenue landscape for new and existing assets.

Flexibility academy

These sessions introduce the key principles and concepts for ‘flexibility’ services needed to manage supply and demand. Our experts will explain the need for response and reserve services, the Balancing Mechanism and the Capacity Market and how revenues can be accessed.

What you can expect

  • Delegates will receive soft copies of the materials presented by our market.
  • Learning delivered by Cornwall Insight’s market experts.
  • Clear Learning and Development objectives for each session.
  • Pre-course materials, including an industry glossary and short primers.
  • Case studies and interactive tools to reinforce learning.
  • Post-course online ‘ask the experts’ session.

Cornwall Insight’s energy market training subscription service

Customers can now access our sessions via an annual subscription, which simplifies the management of energy market training requirements and offers significant savings.

  • Easy access to energy market training – All your technical energy market and net zero transition learning in one place.
  • For all knowledge levels – From onboarding and introduction sessions to advanced topics, designed by market experts to enhance professional development.
  • Save money – Significant savings compared to advertised prices for individual places.
  • Comprehensive range of topics – Pick and choose the courses relevant to you from a wide variety of subjects.

To understand more about how our learning and development service can benefit you or colleagues’ career development and our subscription service, please get in touch:

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