Energy Market Learning and Development: Role-relevant career development training

In these challenging times it is as important as ever that we continue to provide market-leading insight on commercial, regulatory and policy developments to our customers. Our learning and development service, a key pillar of how we distill market complexity, opportunities, and challenges for our customers, has continued to evolve to ensure market participants can upskill staff with role-relevant training on a broad range of subjects for all knowledge levels.

For almost a year now we have delivered our scheduled full-length training sessions online, and having listened to customer feedback are providing these as a series of two-hour sessions with greater focus put on ensuring delegates can interact with the content and our expert presenters.

Experience and results from customer surveys show that this approach maximises delegate engagement, saves significant time and costs associated with travelling to venues for face-to-face training, and allows attendees to organise their working day around the sessions. Customers can now access our sessions via an annual subscription, which simplifies the management of energy market training requirements and offers significant savings too.

Our well-established training service provides relevant and applicable learning for companies and their staff working across the energy value chain. The most popular sessions are those aimed at people new into the sector and give an end-to-end view of the key principles, frameworks, and market dynamics of the energy markets as they transition to meet net-zero emission targets.

The training service also extends to more advanced-level sessions on project finance, ‘revenue stacking’ for unsubsidised generation and storage developers, energy risk management, and CPPAs. A full list of our scheduled courses can be found here.

We also provide regular Market Insight webinars on a range of ‘hot topics’ so our clients can learn about the latest industry developments and discuss with our experts the potential impacts of these changes. Recent and upcoming sessions include webinars on topics as diverse as the hydrogen economy, private-wire arrangements, electricity network charging reform, and Contracts for Difference auctions.

Cornwall Insight’s Energy Market Training Subscription Service

  • Easy access to energy market training – All your energy market learning in one place
  • Beginner to advanced level training – From on-boarding and introduction sessions to advanced topics, designed by market experts to enhance professional development
  • Save money – Significant savings compared to advertised prices for individual places
  • Comprehensive range of topics – Pick and choose the courses relevant to you from a wide variety of subjects

To understand more about how our learning and development service can benefit you or colleagues’ career development and our subscription service please get in touch with Emily on

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