Five things we learnt from Energy Spectrum | 674

We present five key themes and findings from this week’s edition of Energy Spectrum Issue 674

Our Energy Perspective considers the similar themes between the Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) latest annual progress report to Parliament on reducing emissions and National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios analysis for 2019. We find there is a tension between the need for urgent policy action and the requirement for a clear and workable framework to prime the pump for the scale of investment which is not easy to resolve.

In our Policy section this week, we look at the assessment and recommendations put forward by the CCC in its annual report to Parliament, as well as considering the BEIS Committee’s Energy Efficiency: Building towards Net Zero report, which urges immediate action from the government.

We also have a look at the responses to a BEIS consultation on establishing a market for energy efficiency alongside recommendations from the Committee on Fuel Poverty to provide new funding to reduce fuel poverty.

Ofgem summarised its progress against the projects described in its 2018-19 Forward Work Programme, as well as presenting yearly performance indicators and expenditure costs and audit results.  In our Regulation section, we look at Ofgem’s annual report and accounts for 2018-19.

BEIS statistics reveal that over half the UK’s electricity mix in Q119 was generated by low carbon sources. In our Industry Structures section, we look closely at BEIS’s Energy Trends report and look at what is generating the UK ‘s electricity.

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