Energy Masterclass Series: EV Frameworks Review & EV Grid Integration and Energy Market Reforms Update

2021 Energy Masterclass Series: Review of Australia’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Frameworks and Update on EV Grid Integration and Energy Market Reforms

The second Masterclass session presented by Baker McKenzie and Cornwall Insight Australia will provide insights and an overview of the electric vehicle framework in Australia in addition to EV grid integration and the reforms required in the energy sector to facilitate the timely uptake of EVs in Australia.

This session will cover:
• A market update on the transport and energy sectors, and consumer attitudes towards, and the uptake of EVs
• The current status of Federal and State Government funding and policies in relation to EVs
• Key developments in EV grid integration
• An overview of the state-based licensing regimes
• Necessary policy reforms to encourage EV uptake in Australia

Our first 2021 Energy Masterclass Series: State of the Market – ESB 2025 Market Reform Updates and REZ Zone Pathways Webinar & Materials is available here.

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