Is Germany Going Green? Charting Germany’s Energy Transition webinar

In this webinar, we will provide our unique analysis on the German power market utilising the latest modelling outputs from our brand-new power price forecasting service for Germany and adjacent markets in North West Europe.  

The North West Europe (Germany, Austria and Benelux) Benchmark Power Curve includes:

  • 30-year forecasts of power prices
  • Forecasts of generation mix, electricity demand and power prices covering the power markets of Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria
  • Three price scenarios (Low, Central and High) are available in our PLEXOS-based in-house power market model, developed in collaboration with the Institute of Energy Economics (EWI) at the University of Cologne

Using our new North West Europe power model, our analysis entitled, “Is Germany Going Green? Charting Germany’s Energy Transition”, assesses the impact of the energy crisis on Germany’s net zero ambitions and attainment. To do so, current and future policy decisions are unpacked and evaluated to determine their impact on the net zero investment landscape.  Modelling from our new German power curve has been employed to chart the direction of travel for the German energy sector over the next 30 years. As such, we discuss the opportunities and challenges accompanying the changing energy mix, from a reliance on fossil fuels to widespread electrification and the further development of hydrogen.

International competition is another important facet, as we analyse the impact of subsidy schemes, like the US’ Inflation Reduction Act, on Germany’s investment attractiveness for the development of renewables.  In this light, we also analyse the impact of EU-level schemes such as the ‘Green Deal Industrial Plan’ with its fundamentally different approach to incentivising the development of renewables.

The 60-minute webinar will be chaired by Research Partner, Dan Atzori, who will be joined by specialists from our modelling, research and consulting teams to discuss the latest trends from our forecasts in the German power market and the opportunity for you to join the debate with Q&A on the German Power Market.

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