Webinar | Battery-as-a-Service: an underexplored opportunity?

As the UK Government aims to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by the end of the decade, questions abound on how electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure can be most effectively deployed across the country. Alongside the roll-out of EV charge points, other countries have been exploring alternative, complimentary solutions. Battery-as-a-Service – where depleted EV batteries are swapped out for fully charged ones at service stations – is one potential option, although there are still plenty of challenges, such as the need to ensure battery standardisation and create a supportive regulatory environment. Is BaaS a viable option for the UK market? Are there any specific market sectors which BaaS is particularly well-suited to? And what would be needed to make BaaS work? A report written by Cornwall Insight in partnership with UK law firm Shoosmiths explores these and other questions.

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