Flexibility markets service

Our experts are at the forefront of the flexibility market to help you understand the sector and successfully deploy flexibility technology. Our service supports developers, asset owners and investors in operating across these markets.

Our experts will add to the insight of and be an extension of your team, enabling you to make better decisions faster. We understand that people are busy, and our data and insights enable you to act faster and sharper, improving your company’s financial and operational outcomes. Our team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and offer independent, trusted advice. By using us, you can be assured of the latest insights and updates on the market

Decisions made with good information and insight, lead to better returns. For flexibility market operators we offer expert advice on:

  • The latest commercial intelligence on values
  • The sharpest views on who is driving the markets
  • How regulation and policy changes may affect returns and opportunities from providing flexible power generation and demand-side response.

Our service provides you with high quality, actionable insights on which to base your business decisions. You can enjoy the advantages of speed and quality of information and confidence in decision making enabled by our specialists being across the market, as well as saving on the direct costs of meeting these essentials needs.

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