NEM Market Analysis

The NEM Market Analysis is a hybrid of our monthly Energy Executive Summary and elements of the quarterly Energy Market Perspective. 

Subscribers receive a monthly report that contains key market data and analysis, important market developments.


Our monthly report on the NEM provides a detailed analysis of the following: 

  • Price setting, average prices, including dispatch-weighted average prices and dispatch by price bands 
  • Comparison of trends to previous years 
  • Analysis of major events that have impacted the NEM within the month and their drivers 
  • Interconnector flow chart and analysis on changes in flows and impacts on genmix and prices 
  • Daily emission intensity index graph by state 
  • Changes to futures markets and drivers of change 
  • Graphs (and underlying data) showing captured prices by price band, by technology (coal, solar, wind, gas, and storage), by state compared to the same month last year 
  • Average time-of-day price chart (by state) 
  • Summary and high-level analysis of the changes in those prices seen from last year, which may include instances of negative prices and generation mix, among other things 


  • Stay up to date on the latest price trends in the Australian energy market 
  • Understand the impact of major events on the market 
  • Make informed decisions about your energy strategy 
  • Access our proprietary data and analytics 
  • Receive expert analysis from our team of energy market experts 

Mohsin Ali

Mohsin looks after the ‘NEM Market Analysis’.

Telephone: +61 497 704 142


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