Policy, regulation and market updates

Cornwall Insight’s policy and regulatory expertise has been labelled unparalleled by some of its customers. This service helps you sift through the wide range of changes occurring in the energy market to identify the key developments that impact you. It provides timely commentary and advice on material changes in key developments and allows you to question our experts in monthly forums. The service supports you to:

  • Understand the regulatory environment you are operating in and how this could impact your commercial decisions
  • Understand timeframes for key industry developments that will impact your business
  • Ensure your business is fully compliant
  • Understand the key modifications changing how your asset is charged or paid network charges

The service includes:

Monthly user group

A dedicated Monthly User (‘Green Generators’) Group for Low Carbon Generation Service subscribers enables you to acquire an in-depth, real-time understanding of the commercial low carbon generations landscape. The format is interactive and provides a platform for you to engage with Cornwall Insight’s experts and industry specialists. You will be able to ask any questions you may have to the experts and network with leading players in this sector.  

Policy and regulation

The policy and regulation landscape is constantly evolving. This can make it a challenge to identify all the changes of importance to your business as well as understand their potential impacts. With the ability to see all the changes over time, you will be able to understand where the regulation and policy landscape is heading. This will allow you to make informed future strategic and operational decisions.

Regular Alerts provide a timely update of any changes to regulation policy, consultations or proposals as they happen.  Each Alert is easy to understand and provides you with background on the issue, details on the proposals presented and likely next steps.

A Weekly Impact Report will update you on the very latest regulatory and governance changes, tailored to your business to ensure you are compliant with all your obligations. We provide a detailed analysis on how these could potentially influence your business, to give you the confidence to assess risks quickly and easily.

Our Code Modification Registers track all the latest codes and provide you with a comprehensive update of the most critical issues. This ensures you don’t miss something which could cause significant challenges for your organisation.

Industry Meeting Reports provide an overview of the main themes, topics and decisions arising from key regulatory and policy meetings. Keeping track of industry meetings allows you to be ahead on where the industry is going and enables you to make informed decisions before any changes are made without necessarily having to attend.

The Policy and Regulation Consultations Register gives an overview of all open consultations from Ofgem, BEIS, European Commission, as well as other regulatory bodies. We will keep you up to date of all new consultations and their closing dates, to help you understand what could affect your business and mitigate any risks.

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