Market alerts service

Our Energy Market Alerts are designed for asset developers and owners, retailers, generators, regulators, policymakers, investors, and other energy stakeholders.

The alerts are published ad hoc and sent to customers as soon as possible after major regulatory and market developments, including rule changes in Australia. In addition, subscribers have free access to our online ‘Quarterly regulatory and policy webinar updates’, where you can hear from our experts on the latest insights.

The alerts focus on delivering insights into major regulatory, policy and market developments, including rule changes and market reform workstreams from the government, regulators, market operators, and rule-makers.

Each alert contains a short impact assessment developed by our Cornwall Insight Australia market experts. The number of alerts, including impact assessment, will be dependent on the market’s need to adapt to the energy transition. As we have seen, there is an exponential volume of regulatory and policy alerts coming forth. With 39 alerts being released in 2020 and 34 in 2021, our Energy Market Alerts ensure your business stays atop industry developments and changes.

Key benefits

  • keep up to date in a fast-moving sector
  • understand key themes driving the sector
  • identify potential risks and opportunities
  • track upcoming and live consultations
  • assess the possible impacts of upcoming market and regulatory changes

Who is it for?

  • asset developers and investors
  • retailers
  • generators
  • major energy users
  • government departments

For more information about the report and other similar services, please, get in touch with the report author below.

Mohsin Ali

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