International Women’s Day 2023

Cornwall Insight takes pride in the invaluable contributions made by women within the energy industry. We recognise the significant impact that women have both inside and outside of our company, as they play a vital role in the work that we do. At Cornwall Insight, we understand that promoting diversity and inclusivity is essential for driving innovation and progress. We are committed to working towards gender equality and hope to set an example for other companies to follow in prioritising diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

For International Women’s Day this year, we asked some of our team to share what they’re most proud of and the accomplishments they’ve achieved throughout their career.

Vicky Claxton

Head of Market Intelligence

Developing our upcoming Graduate Development Programme is something I am proud of. I am experienced in the day-to-day running of a team, but taking a step back and thinking strategically to benefit the team longer term and developing the next generation of energy market experts through this programme has been really rewarding. 

Ratnottama Sengupta

Senior Consultant

It has been interesting speaking to the Irish media and understanding how to put our message across in a way that is pertinent to the wider industry and energy consumers. The insight into what concerns them has helped tailor the way we look at a problem as well.

Sarah Johnston

Global Head of Modelling

I am really proud of the members of our Global Modelling Team and the work that I have put in to support the team’s future growth. It is very rewarding to see them develop their skills and knowledge, take on new challenges and support each other to achieve their goals. For this reason, it has been great to represent the team and company on an international stage, and I am excited about the modelling and resulting insights we will be able to produce for our customers this year.  

Kate Mulvany

Senior Consultant

One thing I am proud of, it’s speaking to the media. I’m experienced talking to industry stakeholders, but tailoring my messaging for a public audience to help improve understanding of the industry has been really rewarding.

Anna Moss

Senior Consultant

Cornwall Insight has always provided opportunities to take on new challenges, and this year I decided to take a big change in direction to be more engaged directly in market research and supporting our customers.  I’m proud that I made the tough decision to leave a role I loved to embrace a new challenge, it’s been a really exciting (and challenging) experience so far. It has been interesting speaking to the Irish media and understanding how to put our message across in a way that is pertinent to the wider industry and energy consumers. The insight into what concerns them has helped tailor the way we look at a problem as well.

Katie Hickford

Senior Analyst

I have been leading on the Local Authority (LA) charging study research, which will hopefully help LAs get the help they need from industry to implement charging infrastructure. Having worked at an LA rolling out EV charge points I can really relate to the challenges! I’ve also been settling into my line managing and mentoring roles which I absolutely love, being able to coach and help people gain skills and grow. 

Tina Moseley

Group Head of People and Talent

I would like to share that I achieved Chartered Membership at the CIPD in November 2022.  Chartered Member is a step up from Associate Membership, which I achieved in 2016, and recognises the work I do at a strategic level, actively driving and managing change to meet our organisations needs.  To gain this accreditation I had to submit a (approx. 10,000 word) report demonstrating my experience on work, people practices, change, and  workplace ethics .  I also had a 3 hour professional discussion on my experience.  Following this I was awarded my new professional grade.

Harriet Walker


About a year after I joined Cornwall Insight, I was approached by Food Matters Live to talk on their podcast about the government’s Energy Bill Relief Scheme for businesses. I’m proud of stepping up for this – it was out of my comfort zone as it was the first time I’d interacted directly with any media, but I found it to be a very valuable experience. It also encouraged me to later attend an internal media training day, which helped build my confidence even more.

Sarah Johnston

People and Talent Administrator

In 2020 I made the decision to have a career change to work in human resources, and since joining the People and Talent team at Cornwall Insight in 2021, I have completed my HR Level 3 apprenticeship. This has set me up for the next phase of my career, which I continue to work towards with the support from the team.  

Verity Sinclair

Press and PR Officer

As someone delivering Press and PR in the energy sector, I have been fortunate enough to be at the forefront of the many industry developments that have hit the headlines. I am proud to see Cornwall Insight’s name regularly featured in leading newspapers, trade publications, and broadcasts, and to know that my work has helped our organisation become one of the most highly regarded sources on the energy market. I find it incredibly fulfilling to have the opportunity to highlight the outstanding work of my colleagues while injecting my own creativity into our communications. 

Laura Woolsey

Lead Analyst

It was really pleasing to see my DUoS analysis quoted in the media. Rising energy bills are a big concern for many people at the moment so it was good to see that my work is being used to help shed some light on the factors driving these costs.

Acknowledging the importance of women in the workplace should not only be highlighted today, but every day. So, we are taking the opportunity on International Women’s Day 2023 to give extra recognition to our senior female leaders as well as sharing our gender diversity statistics and what we are actively doing to improve them.