What impact will the Congestion Relief Market have? | Energy Market Alert (free webinar)

Transmission congestion occurs where there is a bottleneck on the transmission grid, often because renewable generation sources are located far from load centres and sufficient transmission infrastructure. To address this, the Energy Security Board has proposed a Congestion Relief Market (CRM) to provide price incentives to relieve congestion.

Cornwall Insight Australia is offering a concise 30-minute complimentary webinar where our experts discuss what is known about the Congestion Relief Market to date. This webinar will be helpful for developers, generators, and market participants.

The discussion will include the following:
• Review the high-level CRM design and objectives
• Likely impacts of the proposed CRM and who will be most affected
• Largest unknowns and biggest outstanding issues
• Some hypothetical examples of the CRM in operation
• Expert discussion

This webinar is based on Energy Market Alerts that Cornwall Insight Australia has issued on the CRM. In the Energy Markets Alerts service, our experts distil the key regulatory and policy changes as they affect the Australian market through regular, concise alerts.

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