Australian energy investment forum: power, gas, and hydrogen debriefing (free forum)

​​In the increasingly volatile market, how do investors and decision-makers make sense of it all? And what role will hydrogen play in Australia’s energy future? These are the key topics in Cornwall Insight Australia’s upcoming Australian energy investment and hydrogen forum on 23 November 2022.

Presented by Cornwall Insight Australia with our industry and finance guests, this free-to-attend forum is designed for investors, financiers, developers, government, regulatory bodies, and other energy market stakeholders supporting the low-carbon transition and hydrogen development.

The forum will support rebuilding investor confidence by facilitating and exploring new tools, services, and resources available for investors’ due diligence. We will share best-in-class practices, in-depth energy market data analytics, sophisticated modelling forecasting, and lessons learned from investors themselves. We also provide insight into the Victorian election that will occur on the weekend following our forum.

– The Australian energy transition from an investment perspective – where do we go from here? Also, looking at the consumers’ perspective and comparisons to other rollouts. (Alan Wong – Green Peak Energy)
– Development of hydrogen using a real Australian reference project: including guarantee of origin certificates, energy security, and moving from MOUs to delivery (Jeremy Stone – J-Power Latrobe Valley)
– Two key insights from our latest Benchmark Power Curve (to 2050) (Saliw Cleto – Cornwall Insight Australia)
– Levelised cost of hydrogen now and into the future: cost and carbon intensity of grid-connected electrolysers (Oliver Skelding – Cornwall Insight Australia)
– Effects of the upcoming Victorian state election, including the revival of the State Electricity Commission (Mohsin Ali – Cornwall Insight Australia)

The webinar will conclude with an open panel session with industry and investment community invitees. We will provide an opportunity to engage with Cornwall Insight’s best modellers, experienced energy analysts, and other energy subject matter professionals with extensive local market knowledge.

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