Commercial considerations of electricity network charging reform   


This course is comprised of these sessions across three days:

  • Session 1: TBC
  • Session 2: TBC
  • Session 3: TBC

Reform of electricity network charging and access arrangements has been ongoing for a number of years. New ways of charging the users of electricity networks have been developed. The changes, which are being led by Ofgem, are designed to make charging fairer, help with the net zero transition, and ensure effective cost and benefit signals are provided to new and existing network users.

The course explains:

Our experts will explain the principles and impacts of new electricity transmission and distribution charging arrangements for different users (generators, customers, and storage) and the timelines for the completion of the reform programme.  

The online session delivers a mix of lecture-style learning, case studies and worked examples to reinforce learning.  

Designed for:

  • Electricity suppliers looking to price network charges through to customers 
  • Storage and generator owners needing to understand how changes impact their assets 
  • Developers and advisors requiring an understanding of the impact of network charging reforms 
  • End users wanting to better understand their future exposure to network charges and opportunities to reduce costs 

Learning & development objectives:

  • Understand network charging reforms and how electricity network charges are (or will be) applied to users 
  • Examples illustrating how network charges will be levied on different types of network user 
  • Overview of the timeline for changing electricity network charging arrangements   

What you can expect:

  • Delegates will receive soft copies of the materials presented by our market experts 
  • Learning delivered by Cornwall Insight’s market experts 
  • Pre-course materials, including an industry glossary and short primers  
  • Case studies and interactive tools to reinforce learning  

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