Future of gas: path to net zero

This market insight webinar unpacks the latest policy developments that impact on the gas market and how market conditions may change for existing parties, be they suppliers, shippers, or network companies.

The net zero emission target and future energy supply and demand scenarios all point to the future of the GB gas sector being very uncertain. From being a fuel that provides most of our heating requirements and the single largest share of electricity generation, the future for the sector presents considerable opportunities and challenges.

The session concludes with a Q&A session with our experts.

Who’s it for?

Those in the gas sector needing to understand how market change is likely to impact on strategic and commercial conditions.
Those working for companies that support those in the energy industry and needing a grounding in how the sector is likely to evolve and implications for those currently active in the market.
Those looking to shape the future direction of the gas sector and those who operate in it

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