Sleeving: CPPAs for the Public Estate Webinar

A growing sense of urgency on climate change and the need to transition away from fossil fuels has led many local authorities to issue declarations of climate emergencies. Practical action must follow and one aspect of decarbonisation which can be accomplished relatively simply is to transition electricity supply away from fossil fuels.

While this can be demonstrated through buying Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin certificates, many organisations are seeking to demonstrate superior credentials by matching their electricity consumption to output from specific low carbon generators.

In this webinar, our market experts will explain what a CPPA deal – often known as a “sleeving” arrangement – is, what the key roles are, and what the cost implications are for the electricity bill. We’ll then look at why a public body might want to engage in this market, in terms of economic benefits, environmental credentials, and wider benefits to the public estate.

We’ll close the webinar with a look at some examples of pioneers in the field, and then wrap up with a question and answer session.

Who’s it for?

  • Local Authorities
  • Community energy practitioners
  • Renewables developers
  • Storage developers
  • Industry bodies
  • Large consumers

Booking Information:

£99 + VAT  to hear the live webinar and receive soft copies of the materials
£125 + VAT for access to the recorded webinar and soft copies of the materials
£150 + VAT to hear the live webinar and access the recorded webinar and soft copies of the materials

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