Great Britain Benchmark Power Curve

Our Benchmark Power Curve is a comprehensive power price modelling service, which provides market and technology-specific forecasts. It delivers long-term 30-year price forecasts, informed by our significant market, policy and regulatory expertise, along with direct access to our experts. 

We use scenario-based “Central, High and Low” 30-year projections of electricity prices in Great Britain. Coverage includes monthly baseload and capture prices for a variety of technologies as well as summary information for underlying assumptions such as demand, macroeconomic variables, commodity prices and capacity mix for the system. This will enable you to develop investment decisions based on criteria, including timing and technology selection. 

Cornwall Insight are market experts first, and consultants or modellers second, so the Benchmark Power Curve has been built from the ground up with our expertise and experience of operating in the market. Our forecasts are more than just snapshots based on the current market structure. Instead, they capture the rapidly changing market landscape with greater renewables, flexibility, interconnection and the growth of electric vehicles. This will give you a better understanding of how the evolution of the power market may change your business strategy. 

All our data outputs can be integrated with your financial modelling and business plan templates and our team of experts will also assist with the interpretation of results.  

Key benefits: 

  • understand the range of credible long-term electricity prices 
  • develop investment policy 
  • make informed decisions 
  • technology-specific forecasts 
  • support you in making decisions on the value of different routes to market 

Our Benchmark Power Curve helps underpin a range of work in the energy markets. Bespoke curves can help answer cutting-edge questions like how new technology, changes in underlying commodity prices or behaviour changes among a group of consumers adjust the capacity mix or price outcome. Our consultancy team can help design a bespoke model solution built on our Benchmark Power Curve that helps answer your questions in greater detail than publicly available information.