How green finance can decarbonise our homes and buildings

Green mortgages have become the poster child of green retail banking products in the UK, but significant...

Energy storage and flexibility

Renewables PPA market see increased capacity amid more...

Home supply and services

The role of connected homes in achieving net...

Low carbon generation

CfD Allocation Round 4: how much capacity might...

Home supply and services

Consolidation in the domestic energy market




Flexibility academy


Introducing the low-carbon heat landscape

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  • Home supply and services

    Will customers pay for suppliers reconsolidating?

    There’s been a lot of media about Scottish Power chief executive Keith Anderson’s comment about a “massacre” in the retail energy market. The spectre of a return to a handful of domestic energy suppliers has been raised. We are certainly going to a world of many fewer suppliers, in my…

  • Heat networks

    Heat and buildings strategy: Key points

    On 19 October, the government released the Heat and Buildings strategy outlining how the government will tackle the decarbonisation of the built environment to help meet the UK net zero ambition. Our experts have taken a quick look at the strategy and highlighted the key points. Heating The strategy makes…

  • E-mobility and low carbon

    Net Zero Strategy: key points

    Yesterday, the government announced its long-awaited Net Zero Strategy, a 368-page document that provides a route the nation will take to a net zero economy. The strategy outlines how spending will be prioritised for power, fuel supply and hydrogen, industry, heat and buildings, transport, natural resources, and greenhouse gas removals….

Chart of the week

  • Home supply and services

    Over a third of energy suppliers have left the market

    The domestic supplier market is facing a turbulent time with high wholesale prices causing distress and a series of supplier exits in the energy sector. This week’s ‘Chart of the week’ examines these suppliers exits and their effect on the domestic market.

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    Renewables PPA market see increased capacity amid more long-term deals being signed, but challenges remain

    In this ‘Chart of the week’, we outline the latest research from our Renewable PPA Market Share report. Through this report and our supplementary Renewable PPA Market Tracker, we track and record details of renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and the amount of renewable PPA capacity held by offtakers in…

  • Home supply and services

    Supplier exits predicted to trigger Renewable Obligation mutualisation

    Over the past few weeks, the energy market has been under the microscope as high wholesale prices and a wave of suppliers exiting the market has hit the headlines. Amid challenging wholesale market conditions for suppliers, they are now also facing the compliance deadlines for 2020-21 of the Renewables Obligation…

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Insight papers

  • E-mobility and low carbon

    Electric vehicle charging: unlocking the business models

    Cornwall Insight and TLT spoke to stakeholders in the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging space about the charging infrastructure market and the business models that support it. The UK’s 2030 petrol and diesel car sales ban is igniting the charging infrastructure race, however, there are still challenges ahead related to technology,…

  • Business supply and services

    Industrial decarbonisation key for UK low carbon hydrogen

    Hydrogen has an important role in decarbonising the industrial sector; simultaneously, industries need to redesign and reinvent their processes to use hydrogen. Low carbon hydrogen should be adopted in applications with maximum emission reduction potential to maximise its decarbonisation potential.

  • Home supply and services

    The role of connected homes in achieving net zero

    A connected home is defined as one with multiple integrated devices that can be automated and easily controlled to create a safe, convenient, and comfortable environment. The largest companies operating in the connected home sector are the technology majors such as Amazon, Google and Apple, but there are also many…

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