VNI West selected path; an incentive for delaying coal retirements?

On 29 May 2023, AEMO published a conclusions report on the VNI West Project. According to the...

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  • Home supply and services

    How has Ofgem’s focus on vulnerability evolved? 

    Over the last few months, the focus on protecting consumers has stepped up as Ofgem begins to take strides toward improving treatment of vulnerable customers. In this week’s blog, we discuss some of Ofgem’s recent work around protecting customers, including its Vulnerability Summit, and most recently looking at the calls…

  • Regulation and policy

    Free Energy market alert | Last night’s Federal budget

    The Federal Budget released yesterday (9 May 2023) is the first full-year budget from the new Labor Federal Government. Like the mini-budget released last October, the budget signals the new Government’s intertwining climate change and energy ambitions. Cornwall Insight Australia has released a concise Energy Market Alert on the budget,…

  • Announcement

    Latest FCAS price forecast released

    Cornwall Insight Australia released the latest Frequency Control Ancillary Service (FCAS) price curves for Q1 2023, published on 8 May 2023. Available to download is an excerpt reporting the headlining power price trends from the FCAS insight service. We hope this information is of value-add to you and your business….

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  • Commercial and market outlook

    VNI West selected path; an incentive for delaying coal retirements?

    On 29 May 2023, AEMO published a conclusions report on the VNI West Project. According to the report, option 5A (a variant of  AEMO’s preferred option in a previous consultation paper) is preferred for VNI West. In option 5A, the transmission line crosses the Murray River north of Kerang (Wamba…

  • Commercial and market outlook

    Spot the spread: Are current battery revenues enough to encourage further investment?

    In AEMO’s ‘Step Change’ scenario, it was estimated that storage capacity in the NEM would need to increase by a factor of 30 between 2022 and 2050 to support a grid transformation that limits temperature rises below 2 degrees. This represents about 13GW of new storage capacity by 2030 and…

  • Power and gas networks

    Trouble Ahead? – What’s Next For TNUoS Charges?

    Some industry participants will be well versed in the Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charging regime, while others may not have had to engage with it before. Regardless of previous involvement, these charges are becoming increasingly important to understand for reasons we will discuss shortly.  In this week’s ‘Chart…

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  • Low carbon generation

    REGOs and Decarbonisation

    Though this is not the original intention of the REGO scheme, REGOs have increasingly become seen as a mechanism to provide support to increase the build-out of renewable generation in GB. This report therefore examines the question “has trading in REGOs provided an effective incentive for investment in new renewable…

  • Regulation and policy

    WACC-A-MOLE –Implications of the rising cost of capital for the fifth round of the Contracts for Difference scheme

    Soaring inflation and interest rates, combined with supply chain issues and labour shortages, have pushed up the cost of capital and increased the costs needed to finance renewable projects. With the latest round of the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme set to open to applications this month many in the…

  • Home supply and services

    Integrate to Zero: Carbon and cost reduction opportunities from integrated energy in GB

    This report summarises the current market landscape, opportunities, and barriers to offering integrated energy propositions to consumers in Great Britain (GB).


  • Innovations

    The Greater Manchester Local Energy Market – what is it?

    Cornwall Insight is part of the Greater Manchester Local Energy Market (GMLEM), a project which is creating a modern energy system across the city. This world-leading scheme led by Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) involves 11 key partners, and is a key part of the GMCA’s plans for decarbonisation. Greater…

  • Innovations

    Rewire-NW project

    The Rewire-NW project was launched in spring 2020. Led by Pure Leapfrog, the project is developing plans to create a range of business models to implement locally-focused energy projects, leading the town of Warrington towards Net Zero. Rewire-NW is a forward-looking and innovative project that aims to connect Warrington using…

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