Cornwall Insight wins Employer of the Year and Business of the Year at the 2021 Norfolk Business Awards

We are proud not only to be the recipient of the Employer and Business of the Year...

Commercial and market outlook

Cliff-hanger: supplier new entry in volatile markets

Energy storage and flexibility

Renewables PPA market see increased capacity amid more...

Home supply and services

The role of connected homes in achieving net...

Low carbon generation

CfD Allocation Round 4: how much capacity might...

Home supply and services

Consolidation in the domestic energy market




Flexibility academy

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  • Announcement

    Cornwall Insight wins Employer of the Year and Business of the Year at the 2021 Norfolk Business Awards

    Last night businesses from across Norfolk gathered together to hear the 2021 Norfolk Business Awards winners. Cornwall Insight was proud to be nominated for two categories, Employer of the Year and SME of the Year. Our team waited anxiously on the night to hear the results, and we are delighted…

  • Commercial and market outlook

    Cliff-hanger: supplier new entry in volatile markets

    The extraordinary developments that have occurred in the energy sector in recent months have led to a tumultuous time for all participants. We have taken a look back through our archives to where we highlighted our concerns a number of years ago that this outcome was, unfortunately, a real possibility. This…

  • Power and gas networks

    Location, location: The increasing complexity of embedded benefits

    There is growing recognition of the need to reform our current network arrangements to support a more dynamic and flexible electricity system as we undergo the transition to net zero. Among the network elements currently going through a period of review are Distribution Use of System (DUoS) charges, which recover…

Chart of the week

  • Low carbon generation

    Capacity Market prequalification: Lack of nuclear capacity opens opportunity for new build capacity

    In its role as the EMR Delivery Body, National Grid ESO published the prequalification registers for the upcoming Capacity Market auctions, on 23 November. The registers detail the assets that have either prequalified, conditionally prequalified or been rejected ahead of the T-1 and T-4 auctions for delivery in 2022-23 and…

  • Low carbon generation

    Embedded generators and the future of TNUoS charging

    Electricity network charges are currently undergoing a significant period of reform to ensure that charging methodologies are fit for purpose in the transitioning energy market. Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) generator charges are a particular topic of debate at present, with locational tariffs raising concern by some parties and…

  • Low carbon generation

    Industrial hydrogen demand predicted to grow to 37TWh by 2050

    This week’s ‘Chart of the week’ looks at recent research from Cornwall Insight’s insight paper ­- Industrial decarbonisation key for UK low carbon hydrogen – which shows demand for hydrogen by the industrial sector is predicted to grow significantly. In fact, Cornwall Insight research shows that by 2030 UK industry…

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  • Low carbon generation

    Renewable asset repowering and net zero

    In our latest short research paper, we consider policy options and solutions for the building and repowering of assets across GB, Ireland, and Australia. While technology can be uitilised to optimize renewable energy assets and extend their life, the components and materials from decommissioned assets can be refurbished, reused or…

  • Net zero corporates and ESG

    Unlocking net zero strategies for business

    An increasing number of businesses are looking to reduce their emissions and become sustainable to align with the government’s net zero strategy. Setting targets is crucial for companies with complexity across sectors, technologies and business structures. This paper explores the potential routes to decarbonisation that businesses have at their disposal…

  • Net zero corporates and ESG

    An equitable transition to net zero

    This paper addresses one of the fundamental issues in the transition to net zero: how to resolve the accrual of national decarbonisation benefits with the imposition of regional network costs through distribution charges. It examines this through the lens of North Scotland, where the tension between these two forces is…

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