Chart of the week | Swamped – the T-1 Capacity Auction

National Grid issued its Electricity Capacity Report (ECR) on 9 July 2018. The Secretary of State replied to this on 9 July confirming the amount of capacity to be procured. This totals 4.6GW in the 2019-20 T-1 Capacity Auction.

This week’s chart of the week highlights our initial analysis which identifies approximately 4.2GW of existing capacity available to compete for T-1 Capacity Auction. This includes Ffestiniog, Fiddlers Ferry, West Burton, and Peterhead power stations. There is a further ~2.2GW of new build capacity from previous auctions that has the potential to be built early. And 776MW of interconnectors, including NEMO, EWIC and Moyle could compete in the auction.

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