Pixie Chart of the week | City Connections on Climate and Energy

The Urban Transport Group has released a report focusing on the connections between transport, energy and the built environment at the city-region level.

This week’s Chart of the Week highlights the importance of cities in their contributions to CO2 emissions as well as their enhanced ability to achieve emissions reduction through innovative projects, initiatives and policies.

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E-mobility and low carbon

Taking charge: are they ready? Local authority charging infrastructure plans

Electric vehicle (EV) uptake and public charge point installs have increased rapidly over the last few years, but to support the next wave of EV drivers, the public charging network needs to be improved. Government has outlined the leading role it expects from local authorities (LAs) in planning and delivering...

Power and gas networks

Queensland SuperGrid – Faster than a speeding bullet

The Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan (QEJP) sets an ambitious goal to deliver the Queensland SuperGrid. The SuperGrid is the future electricity system aiming to deliver consumers clean, reliable, and affordable power. As part of the plan, all publicly owned coal-fired power plants are intended to be retired by 2035....

Commercial and market outlook

Australia’s hydrogen success is tied to energy market policies

According to South Australia’s Hydrogen Power Plant study, the global demand for hydrogen is projected to reach 650 megatons in 2050, with a potential export market of $300b per year. In this market, Australia is well placed for renewable hydrogen production with a considerable penetration of variable renewable energy (VRE)....

Power and gas networks

Australian gas markets spike to unprecedented levels

Australia’s gas markets are in the middle of an unprecedented price spike. Current prices in the Victorian Declared Wholesale Gas Market (DWGM) have been tracking in the $20-40/GJ range since early May 2022, with prices hitting $50/GJ on 30 May. Prices in the other gas hubs of Sydney and Brisbane...

Commercial and market outlook

State election day chills; SA hit $9,934/MWh on Saturday evening 19 March

SA’s reliance on wind is getting to a point where there is not much to do except importing from VIC and generating with expensive fuel, such as diesel, when wind speed is not at its best shape. In this Chart of the week, we take a closer look at South...

Low carbon generation

SA on cusp of 100% instantaneous renewables; gas unit directions remain

AEMO’s goal of handling 100% instantaneous renewable penetration by 2025 is a significant challenge and fitting, given the pace the NEM is moving to support increasingly higher levels of instantaneous (and increasingly asynchronous) renewables regularly. While this challenge may not be as pressing for all NEM regions, the need to...

Commercial and market outlook

Back to the Future P-IV: Are P5 Forecasts reliable?

Is there a correct way to be one step ahead of your competitors? Do you want to be able to know the price before settlement accurately? The P5 Reports supposedly provide this… or do they? Many participants use this data to determine optimal outcomes for their fleets. Still, there is...

Energy storage and flexibility

Feeding the future NEM – Eat some now. Save some for later.

As the NEM continues to transition towards increased penetration of variable renewable energy (VRE), the use of the word ‘curtailment’ has also increased. While curtailments have historically been a natural part of market outcomes (i.e. generators withholding capacity at higher price points), the increased prevalence of curtailment of VRE is...