Our thoughts on the energy crisis and interventions that may help

Blog | Short-term energy market interventions

There is considerable concern about the availability and price of energy for this winter and those that follow.  Cornwall Insight has been contributing to the policy discourse through our widely-referenced domestic Default Tariff Cap analysis. 

The Times | Cornwall Insight suggests power plant gas subsidies could help cut bills

Gareth Miller, Cornwall Insight’s CEO, comments in an article in The Times on Monday 29 August, highlighting a suggestion for subsidising the cost of gas burnt in power stations. 

Podcast | Can we fix the energy market this winter to lower prices?

Robert Buckley and Tom Edwards discuss the interventions in the retail and wholesale markets that might help alleviate some of the concerns around the cost of living crisis and rising wholesale prices.

Blog | Cornwall Insight comments on the announcement of the October price cap

While there is still some time until the January and April caps are set, the energy crisis is showing no sign of abating.

Blog | Can we fix the wholesale energy market this winter to lower prices and should we want to? 

The Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) is intended to discuss and decide on appropriate market arrangements for 2035 in a Net Zero, low marginal cost, renewables-dominated market.

Blog | The energy crisis affects businesses as well as households 

In contrast to households, and other than our own efforts, there has been strikingly little said about the affordability of business energy bills.

Podcast | Faithless: Social tariffs a better option to protect consumers

While the energy sector cannot solve all of the issues that feed into the ongoing cost-of-living crisis across Europe, it can help. We focus in this podcast on reducing bills for a subset of customers through the provision of social tariffs. 

Podcast | Impacts of backwardation on the Default Tariff Cap

Dr Craig Lowrey joins Veronica Truman to talk about Ofgem’s decision to proceed with a backwardation allowance window of six months in the wholesale methodology when calculating the cap. 

Blog | National Grid ESO’s ‘early view’ winter report 2022/23

We have published an alert on National Grid Electricity System Operator’s Winter 2022/23 early view report. 

Blog | The stakes are higher than they seem: the current energy challenge and net zero

Attention has rightly focussed on consumer protection, and indirectly on the state of the energy supply markets. However, it would be a mistake to believe that the ramifications of supplier failure will be limited only to this part of the energy value chain.

Blog | Wake-up call: Cost pressure in the GB energy market

The current crises afflicting the energy supply sector, driven by rising energy input costs, are of economy-wide concern. The price of energy has always been an issue of significance for national economic competitiveness, inflation, monetary policy, and household affordability.

Blog | Pragmatism, partnership, and people

In this piece, we take stock on where we now stand after a tumultuous period for the energy markets since Autumn 2021.

Blog | Cornwall Insight responds to the publication of the energy strategy

The Energy Security Strategy is a very political document that raises as many questions as it answers. There are clear favourites and as much can be read in to what is in the Strategy as what is not.

Press | Windfall taxes are not the only solution to the energy crisis

“The energy market is in a state of transition, with geopolitical concerns threatening to undermine energy security and subsequent wholesale energy rises pushing up bills.”