Rewire-NW project

The Rewire-NW project was launched in spring 2020. Led by Pure Leapfrog, the project is developing plans to create a range of business models to implement locally-focused energy projects, leading the town of Warrington towards Net Zero. Rewire-NW is a forward-looking and innovative project that aims to connect Warrington using the latest technology to meet local energy needs in a sustainable way. As well as focusing on a low carbon system, these business models will be designed to tackle fuel poverty and redefine the role of a local community in the energy system.

The project is now in its final stage where project partners are assessing eight business models that could contribute to a local energy market. Cornwall Insight is a key partner in the project, providing regulatory and policy support, conducting research, and developing the local energy system in tandem with other project partners.

Cornwall Insight has been working on a number of aspects of the project since launch including a survey of local energy generating assets and analysing the costs of low carbon technology to establish the best generation for Warrington. Currently, Cornwall Insight is providing regulatory support and identifying which change in regulations and policy could have an impact on the proposed business models for the project.