Energy storage and flexibility

As we progress towards net zero targets, the flexibility the system requires is changing dramatically, with an increasing need for energy storage and alternative low-carbon flexibility assets to ensure a secure and balanced system is maintained.

These changes mean great opportunities for market players but also added complexity understanding the various flexibility revenue streams, technical requirements, and business models is a major hurdle to development. 

Our experts are at the forefront of flexibility in the sector, helping customers understand the sector and successfully deploy flexibility technology. Our suite of services supports developers, asset owners, and investors in operating across these markets. Our expertise cuts across the challenging aspects of this sector.

How we can help

Subscription services

We help clients make sense of the regulatory and market developments in the flexibility and energy storage market. Our subscription services written by our in-house experts help you take a snapshot of the market and understand what this means for you and your business.


We provide a seamless range of advisory, research, and bespoke consulting services to support organisations through business and financial planning, strategy development, due diligence, policy design, risk management, and regulatory assessments.

Learning and development

With our learning and development, you will learn from the best expert trainers in the industry. Through webinars, forums, events, and bespoke training, they provide a combination of practical and theory-based learning that should help you understand the intricacies of this burgeoning sector.


Our forums allow you and your colleagues to acquire an in-depth and real-time understanding of the commercial landscape impacting the flexibility and energy storage sector. Members of our forums gain access to Cornwall Insight Australia and external key experts to help you develop solutions to suit your business needs.