Low carbon hydrogen

Low-carbon hydrogen can play a crucial role towards reducing net zero emissions, as it has applications in the transport, heat and industrial sectors.

Our experts have knowledge of the policy and regulatory landscape as well as relevant business models and revenue streams for both electrolytic (green) hydrogen and CCUS-enabled (blue) hydrogen.

For example, we produced analysis and insights regarding low carbon hydrogen consumption in UK industries to support decarbonisation, highlighting the market for potential hydrogen supply for developers and offtakers. We also calculated the costs of blue and green hydrogen, based on current and projected gas prices.

How we can help


Our consultancy team are able to help you with your bespoke hydrogen needs. The team will work alongside you and use their experience and expertise to provide analysis and support in the market.

Insight services

Our Hydrogen index explores the hydrogen strategies of a number of jurisdictions, assessing their plans and ambitions to produce, consumer, and trade hydrogen.