Low carbon generation

The net zero targets highlight the importance of transforming the power sector to low carbon forms of generation. This single change has significant impacts across the energy sector; however, the complex interplay between markets and policies makes the investment environment uncertain. On top of this regulation, low carbon policy frameworks and networks are continuing to evolve, making it particularly difficult for anyone in the sector to navigate.

At Cornwall Insight Australia, we recognise the industry’s momentous task. We aim to cut through the complexity with our in-depth analysis and expertise to provide the right insight for market players to succeed. Globally, Cornwall Insight has a 15-year track record of market-leading support for developers, operators, and investors.

Our team of Analysts and Consultants support a wide range of clients in this space, helping them understand the opportunities and risks of low carbon power generation by providing analysis, advice, and training.

How we can help

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Our Hydrogen Forums provide an in-depth understanding of the latest developments for renewable and flexible technologies. They give you a platform to discuss issues that may affect you and help bring like-minded individuals together in the low carbon generation space.