SEM Focus: Day-ahead power turns negative to record low

Last weekend saw the day-ahead power price average negative for only the second time since the new trading arrangements commenced back in October 2018. The first such negative pricing event occurred on 5 April, when the day-ahead power price averaged -€2.5/MWh.

Saturday 23 May saw the power price outturn lower at -€10.1/MWh on average, representing a €14.9/MWh reduction compared to the previous day.

The day-ahead market started the day at -€1.0/MWh, before falling as low as -€41.1/MWh at 05:00 – making it the lowest price for an hourly settlement period since at least 28 October 2019. In total, the day observed 18 consecutive periods of negative hourly settlement periods from 00:00 to 17:00. The remaining periods on the day rose positive, before ending the day at €0.0/MWh.

The regulator considered that it is appropriate to facilitate SMEs be able to have the financial advantages of a physical disconnection where such disconnections are not possible during the current travel restrictions.

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