Capacity Market prequalification support

Cornwall Insight was commissioned by Wolverhampton Waste Services WWS to advise them on entering their Stoke Energy from Waste (EfW) site into the Capacity Market auctions in 2020. This was the latest partnership between WWS and Cornwall Insight, which has provided Capacity Market support to WWS for years on numerous EfW assets.

This involved Cornwall Insight’s Capacity Market experts supporting WWS with submitting two applications onto the EMR Delivery Body portal, one each for the T-3 and T-4 Capacity Market auctions. As part of this project, Cornwall Insight provided a range of support, including checking and validating information in the applications, answering all adhoc questions that WWS had and engaging with the EMR Delivery Body on WWS’s behalf.

In this case, the applications were initially wrongly rejected by the EMR Delivery Body and so Cornwall Insight also supported WWS in appealing the initial decision and successfully ensured the site was able to enter both auctions.

Throughout this project Cornwall Insight provided all necessary guidance and support and “quickly and efficiently answered any concerns” that WWS had. The end result was a “painless application” for WWS and it was able to secure lucrative Capacity Market agreements for both the 2022/23 and 2023/24 delivery years.