Smart future data and its uses

Smart Energy GB | December 2019 – April 2020

Cornwall Insight was engaged by Smart Energy GB to produce a policy paper to support their understanding of the emerging application of smart meter data as an enabling technology. Smart Energy GB is the central campaign and marketing entity supporting the market-wide rollout of smart meters into households and micro-businesses in England, Scotland, and Wales.

As part of this work, the Cornwall Insight team conducted interviews with companies involved in delivering services and propositions that are centred around using the data provided by the smart metering infrastructure to explore the opportunities and barriers associated with this part of the market. Cornwall Insight engaged businesses from the energy market, alongside international technology companies, low-carbon asset providers, and customer engagement experts, using detailed interviews to provide authoritative insights into the current thinking of large and small technology companies on the current and future potential of using data from smart meters and identify any barriers that exist (or are perceived to exist) to maximising innovation with smart meter data within the energy sector. These interviews were supported by detailed analysis from Cornwall Insight’s team of market experts to assess the magnitude of these changes and potential means of resolving or addressing the barriers that were highlighted in the research.

Alongside the policy paper, the team also delivered workshops with the Smart Energy GB team and wider company stakeholders to disseminate the learnings from the project and support internal decision-making processes.