Year in industry – Matty Hyde

My name is Matty, and I am a Year in Industry student at Cornwall Insight, working as an analyst supporting  the Content Team and Consumer Market Team. I started my placement at the company in July 2021, as part of my BSc Environmental Science with a Year in Industry degree at the University of East Anglia.

My days at Cornwall Insight vary quite a bit day to day, but first thing I always make sure to do is check my emails and get caught up to speed about what has happened in the company and industry and what the day will entail. However, after this a day can vary quite a bit. For example, some mornings I help finish off the Daily Bulletin ready for sending it off to customers, sometimes we have team meetings early in the morning, and sometimes I have news sweeps in the morning – where I check for updates within the industry. I also go straight into writing content some mornings if the situation calls for it, such as finishing up the Parliamentary Update on a Friday for the Energy Spectrum publication.

The middle of my days can also vary to a similar degree, but I almost always check for updates in the energy industry for the Daily Bulletin. The afternoons are then often dedicated to writing content and helping elsewhere as needed. My general work is focused on writing content for the Content team, including for the Ireland Weekly Bulletin, Energy Spectrum, Daily Bulletin and at times European Weekly Bulletin. Within the Consumer Markets Team, my main role is following any updates occurring in the electric vehicle Industry, which then contributes to several outputs of the company, such as the Electric Vehicle and Charging Infrastructure Forum, and the Electric Vehicle Insight Service. I also help directly with the forum through slide production.

My work at Cornwall Insight has been very fulfilling, my specific role means I keep up to date with changes in the energy industry as they happen, and it’s very engaging to be part of such a dynamic industry in real time. I also thoroughly enjoy the writing aspect, as it is not only enjoyable in and of itself but has helped me develop my writing in terms of staying concise and detailed. The writing skills gained will be helpful for when I go back to my regular university work, while also filtering into any personal creative writing endeavours I may undertake. In addition, it has been great to be a part of a social but professional office environment, especially following on from working from home in my second year of university.

I look forward to further developing the skills and energy knowledge Cornwall Insight has provided me as I continue my placement as well as after it ends.