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Verity looks after Cornwall Insight’s public relations. She builds brand awareness within the wider market giving our experts a platform to share their analysis views on current market trends.

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  • Media Mentions

    Times| Gas-fired generators

    Tom Edwards, a Senior Modeller at Cornwall Insight gave his insight to the Times on gas-fired generators being spared the windfall tax and why more expensive, inefficient gas plants were the ones setting the power prices. Times

  • Media Mentions

    Guardian| Cost of the Energy Price Guarantee

    Cornwall Insight released our forecast on the costs the government may face by freezing energy prices at £2,500 for all consumers. Our CEO Gareth Miller, spoke on the chance the government was taking by introducing the Energy price Guarantee Guardian

  • Media Mentions

    Guardian| Hydrogen could add costs to household bills

    Cornwall Insight warned that using hydrogen for domestic heating could be very expensive, with the Guardian reporting on our joint report with renewable energy charity MCS Foundation. Our Senior Consultant Jitendra Patel, spoke on why it is simply uneconomical to use 100% hydrogen for household energy. Guardian

  • Media Mentions

    Politics East| Energy Price Guarantee

    Our CEO Gareth Miller was a guest on Politics East, discussing the new Energy Price Guarantee and what this means for domestic and non-domestic consumers. Politics East

  • Media Mentions

    Telegraph| Energy Bill Relief Scheme

    Our Head of Relationship Development Robert Buckley spoke to the Telegraph on the newly announced energy bill support for businesses. He warned that while the short-term fix was welcome, the government must make longer-term reform of the energy industry a priority. Telegraph

  • Media Mentions

    Current+| Business energy crisis could raise inequality

    A paper by Cornwall Insight warned of the inequality that increasing energy costs could cause, with industries typically included in the government's levelling up agenda being the worst hit. Naomi Potter, a Lead Analyst at Cornwall Insight, called for intervention by the government to lower costs and protect small and...

  • Media Mentions

    Times| Power plant gas subsidies

    Our CEO Gareth Miller spoke in the Times on how providing subsidised gas for power stations could reduce energy bills by billions of pounds. With most interventions in the energy market looking at energy retailers, changes which looked at generation had been left out of the discussion, however they have...

  • Media Mentions

    Independent| Decade of higher energy bills

    Senior Modeller Tom Edwards, spoke on our Benchmark Power Curve which forecast power costs to be above pre-2021 levels for the next decade. However the dip in power prices from 2024 up to 2030, shows that markets and governments are investing in renewables as a response to the current higher...

  • Media Mentions

    FT| Energy Prices to stay high until 2024

    Cornwall Insight warned that the price cap was likely to remain significantly above £3,000 until 2024, with Cornwall Insight's Craig Lowrey being the first to predict the longevity of the increased prices. FT

  • Media Mentions

    Radio 4 Today Programme | Business energy prices

    Robert Buckley, our Head of Relationship Development, spoke on the concerns facing business energy prices, which he said could be five, six or seven times more than current contracts when they were renewed in October. The importance of considering energy efficiency measures was emphasised. Daily Mail - Quotes from Radio...

  • Media Mentions

    iNews| Electricity demand during unprecedented heatwave

    Research from Cornwall Insight showed that electricity system margins in Great Britain were very tight during the record-high temperatures seen earlier this week, with demand close to overtaking supply. Analyst Luke Ansell spoke to iNews on how the inefficiency of generation and supply, caused the electricity market to become incredibly...

  • Media Mentions

    Mirror | Price cap to reach £3,300

    New predictions on the price cap from Cornwall Insight make for bleak reading, with disrupted gas supplies from Russia causing spikes in gas prices. Our Principal Consultant told the Mirror there was unlikely to be much movement with the setting of the October cap only one month away. Mirror

  • Media Mentions

    Eastern Daily Press| Bowmark Capital backs buy-out of Cornwall Insight

    CEO of Cornwall Insight Gareth Miller was featured in the EDP speaking on the buy-out of Cornwall Insight by private equity investor Bowmark Capital. Gareth spoke of the significant experience Bowmark brought of partnering with growing businesses and what we were looking to achieve together. EDP

  • Media Mentions

    City AM| Windfarms delay contracts

    Data collated by Cornwall Insight showed that offshore windfarms delaying the start of their CfD contracts with the government, could have made significantly greater profits since the start of 2022. Analyst Lee Drummee, spoke in City AM on why allowing for conscious delays from developers could be harming returns the...

  • Media Mentions

    Guardian| Energy Price Cap could reach £3,000

    With the geopolitical events in Russia causing significant barriers to energy flows and raising wholesale gas prices, Principal Consultant Dr Craig Lowrey warned consumers that in January, an average customer may be facing a bill over 50% more than the existing cap. Guardian

  • Media Mentions

    Current+| Decarbonisation and energy security

    New research from Cornwall Insight and law firm Womble Bond Dickinson laid out what the UK government must do to achieve an affordable, sustainable and secure energy system and reach its goal of Net Zero by 2050. Naomi Potter spoke in Current+ on the challenges facing the UK as it...

  • Media Mentions

    Telegraph| Rough natural gas storage site

    In an attempt to help ease the energy crisis, Centrica the owners of Rough gas storage started a conversation with the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy on the potential for reopening of the site. Senior Modeller Tom Edwards, spoke to the Telegraph on why this may...

  • Media Mentions

    iNews| Windfall Tax 

    The government announced the temporary, targeted energy profits levy, or windfall tax designed to help consumers with the rising cost of energy bills. Research Partner Dr Dan Atzori spoke to iNews on why the tax may not be the most enduring solution for the energy bill crisis. Besides giving all...

  • Media Mentions

    Energy Live News| Quarterly Price Cap 

    Ofgem have proposed moving the Price Cap to a quarterly review system. Principle Consultant Dr Craig Lowrey featured in Energy Live News discussing our preliminary forecasts for an average domestic energy bill under the proposed new system. Our initial view based upon the information and draft models provided by Ofgem...

  • Media Mentions

    City AM| Government needs to spend £20bn on battery storage to meet renewable goals

    Research from Cornwall Insight has shown the government will need to spend 18% of its total energy technologies investments on battery storage to stabilise the energy market and meet 2030 renewable goals Senior Modeller Tom Edwards spoke to City AM on why a new mix of power generation will increase...

  • Media Mentions

    Current+| Energy Bill announcement

    The Queen’s Speech included a much-anticipated announcement that an Energy Bill will be introduced at some point over the next parliamentary session. CEO Gareth Miller spoke in Current+ on the extension of the Price Cap included in Bill The original legislation for the cap saw it time limited and with...

  • Media Mentions

    The Times| High energy prices here for the next decade

    Cornwall Insight's research on Great Britain’s Power Market out to 2030 has shown energy prices will remain in excess of £100/MWh annually. This is significantly above the five year pre-2021 average. Senior Modeller Tom Edwards spoke in the Times on what this may mean for consumers. High power prices will...

  • Media Mentions

    The Guardian| Energy bills forecast to remain above £2,000

    With bills already forecast to rise significantly in Winter 2022/23, Cornwall Insight released new data showing that prices looked likely to stay above £2,000 for the Summer 2023 and Winter 2023/24 price cap periods. Principle Consultant Dr Craig Lowrey spoke in the Guardian on how the government could support consumers...

  • Media Mentions

    Energy Live News | Third party charges contributing to increasing energy bills

    Much has been spoken about the impact of wholesale prices on increasing energy bills, however third party charges, including money to compensate for supplier failures, are also contributing to the rise. Senior Analyst Laura Woolsey spoke in Energy Live News on the charges which are leaving domestic consumers paying even...

  • Media Mentions

    Sky News | The energy strategy will involve difficult decisions

    Our Head of Relationship Development Robert Buckley explained why the changes announced in the energy strategy will take a long time and involve some difficult decisions, especially if the UK wants to reach it's target of net zero by 2050. We have an analyst team at Cornwall Insight and it...

  • Media Mentions

    iNews| UK businesses face 250% gas bill increase

    Cornwall Insight data has shown UK businesses may see gas bills rise by 250%, putting many in danger of going under. Craig Lowrey our Principle Consultant spoke to iNews on how the government can help struggling companies with their energy bills. High Prices and volatility do not appear to be...

  • Media Mentions

    BBC Politics East| Energy bills and the journey to net zero

    Our CEO Gareth Miller appeared on BBC Politics East to discuss the government’s net zero ambitions for 2050, and whether this was compatible with reducing current consumer energy bills. There is a long overdue debate about not the costs of this transition but how they are fairly recovered…  if we...

  • Media Mentions

    Current+| Wholesale volatility limits EV time of use tariff uptake

    The take up of EV's is happening faster than many are switching to time of use tariffs, doubling some drivers electricity bills. Lead Analyst Oliver Archer spoke in Current+ on the blocks to EV drivers switching tariffs and the limits this may put on EV take up. The wave of...

  • Media Mentions

    The BBC|UK embargo on Russian oil causes spike in prices

    After the UK announced an embargo on imports of Russian oil as a sanction against their invasion of the Ukraine, petrol prices went up to record highs. Robert Buckley spoke to the BBC Online on how sanctions will impact the market. This is a global market and you've got to...

  • Media Mentions

    The Guardian |Standing Charges

    Consumers are having to brace themselves for a big jump in standing order payments, to add to already significant bills. Andrew Enzor spoke in the Guardian on why charges are increasing. Regulatory changes ordered by Ofgem were already set to add around £30 to each customer’s standing charge. Since then,...

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