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Verity Sinclair

Verity looks after Cornwall Insight’s public relations. She builds brand awareness within the wider market giving our experts a platform to share their analysis views on current market trends.

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Media mentions

  • Media Mentions

    Independent| LNG Imports

    Following the release of Cornwall Insight's paper 'The shifting sands of Liquified Natural Gas in Europe' our Senior Analyst Matthew Chadwick spoke in the Independent on why surging LNG demand in Asia, could leave Europe open to potential gas shortages. Independent

  • Media Mentions

    Guardian| Price Cap

    Our latest price cap data showed household energy bills could climb to an average of almost £1,900 a year in the coldest months of the year. Our Principal Consultant Dr Craig Lowrey spoke on why geopolitical concerns were increasing prices Craig Lowrey Guardian

  • Media Mentions

    Solar Power Portal| Flexible energy report

    New analysis from Cornwall Insight and Smart Energy GB, which comes from a joint report into flexible energy, was covered in Solar Power Portal. Our Senior Consultant Anna Moss spoke on how by empowering consumers to become the architects of their own energy usage, through initiatives including smart meters and solar power...

  • Media Mentions

    Radio 4 Today| October price cap forecast

    Following the release of our final price cap predictions for October, our Senior Consultant Kate Mulvany was interviewed on Radio 4's Today Programme. She spoke on the upcoming cap, what bills could look like going through 2024 and what consumers need to consider when looking at new tariffs. Radio 4...

  • Media Mentions

    City AM| Energy Bill Support

    Our Principal Consultant Dr Craig Lowrey spoke in City AM on the financial relief that the government and wider industry should be looking to provide consumers, given energy bills were predicted to stabilise well above pre-energy crisis levels. He also emphasised that the government needed to keep a focus on...

  • Media Mentions

    The Times| Long-term energy forecasts

    The Times featured our Benchmark Power Curve forecast, revealing that energy prices were projected to remain elevated until the late 2030s, as stated by Tom Edwards, Senior Modeller at Cornwall Insight. In his conversation with The Times, Edwards explained that factors such as escalating power demand, growing exports, and dependence...

  • Media Mentions

    Envirotec|70% rise in public charge-points

    Jamie Maule a Research Analyst at Cornwall Insight, featured in Envirotec magazine speaking on our new Electric Vehicle Country Attractiveness (EVCA) Index. He discussed how the increase in electric vehicle charging points in the UK signifies a positive stride towards an electrified transportation future. Envirotec

  • Media Mentions

    Business Green| Long-duration storage

    Lead Research Analyst Matthew Chadwick spoke in Business Green on the joint Cornwall Insight and DLA Piper report on energy storage - ‘Ready and waiting: Opportunities for energy storage’. Matthew emphasised the opportunities the UK had to expand storage capacities, boost flexibility, and actively contribute towards the UK’s net zero...

  • Media Mentions

    Guardian| Slight fall in price cap predictions

    Prior to the introduction of the July price cap, we released new forecasts that showed the price cap will only fall slightly over the winter, and are likely to remain above historic levels. Dr Craig Lowrey, a Principle Consultant at Cornwall Insight spoke on the urgency to review the price...

  • Media Mentions

    The Martin Lewis Money Show| Price cap

    Martin Lewis used our price cap data on his money show to help consumers make informed decisions about the new fixed rate tariffs hitting the market. The Martin Lewis Money Show - 39.50

  • Media Mentions

    This is Money/Daily Mail| Energy prices

    Wholesale energy prices are falling, however the July price cap level shows bills still remaining above historic averages, Head of Relationship Development Robert Buckley spoke to This is Money on why bills are not reducing faster. This is Money/Daily Mail

  • Media Mentions

    PV Tech| CFD Scheme

    Jamie Maule our research analyst and Tom Faulkner, Head of Asset & Infrastructure and Networks spoke to PV Tech on impact of inflation and the consequent rising cost ofcapital on the UK CFD scheme. PV Tech

  • Media Mentions

    Eastern Daily Press| Cornwall Insight moving to larger offices

    Our Head of Relationship Development Robert Buckley was interviewed by the EDP on Cornwall Insight relocating it's HQ to accommodate it's rapidly growing workforce. The move to the Atrium puts Cornwall Insight in the centre of Norwich and marks a new step in the journey of the company. EDP

  • Media Mentions

    Radio 4 Today| Price Cap

    Our Senior Consultant Kate Mulvany was interviewed following Ofgem's announcement of the July price cap. Kate delved into the reasons behind the reduction in the price cap, shed light on the anticipated trajectory of customers' bills in the coming months, and explored the factors that could potentially influence energy prices....

  • Media Mentions

    Reuters| Price Cap

    Our Principal Consultant, Craig Lowrey, was featured in Reuters, emphasising the need for cautious optimism regarding the energy crisis. While bills were projected to decrease, Craig cautioned that they would likely remain higher than pre-pandemic averages for the foreseeable future. Reuters

  • Media Mentions

    New Statesman| Smart Meters and Energy Security

    Our Senior Consultant Anna Moss appeared on the New Statesman's Spotlight podcast, giving her insights on how smart meters can cut bills & boost energy security. New Statesman

  • Media Mentions

    Telegraph| Business Energy Bills

    As support for business energy bills was scaled back by the government, our Principal Consultant Dr Craig Lowrey warned why in a worst case scenario this could see some businesses bills rise by 133%. Telegraph

  • Media Mentions

    Politics Home| Smart Meters

    Cornwall Insight collaborated with Smart Energy GB, to investigate the potential of smart meters in helping the UK stay energy secure. Our Senior Consultant Anna Moss discussed how smart meters could empower consumers to reduce overall consumption of electricity and gas and help with energy security. Politics Home

  • Media Mentions

    Renewable Energy Magazine| CFDs

    Following our Insight paper on the implications of the rising cost of capital for the fifth round of the Contracts for Difference, Research Analyst Jamie Maule spoke to Renewable Energy Magazine on concerns rising capital could act to stifle competition and deter investors from the CFD round. Renewable Energy Magazine

  • Media Mentions

    Current+| REMA Consultation

    On 8th March the government published it's REMA consultation summary. In response our Head of Assets & Infrastructure and Networks Tom Faulkner discussed why genuine reform of the energy market could only be accomplished through a structural transformation of the current market arrangements. Current+

  • Media Mentions

    Montel News| EU gas storage

    Following the release of Cornwall Insight's Insight paper on EU gas storage levels, Lead Research Analyst Matthew Chadwick featured in Montel News, to discuss the positive news that gas storage levels were rising and likely to be nearly full by September. Montel News

  • Media Mentions

    Sky News Online| Price cap and the EPG

    Ahead of the announcement of April's price cap, our Principal Consultant Dr Craig Lowrey cautioned that the announcement of a lower price cap by Ofgem would not prevent an increase in bills if the government proceeded with its plan to raise the EPG to £3,000 starting in April. Sky News...

  • Media Mentions

    FT| Business energy prices

    With the less supportive Energy Bill Discount Scheme due to replace the Energy Bill Relief Scheme from 1st April, our Head of Relationship Development Robert Buckley spoke to the FT on the steep climb in energy bills some businesses will face. FT

  • Media Mentions

    Telegraph| Switching energy suppliers

    As energy prices start to come down, Cornwall Insight told the Telegraph this may mean the return of more competitive energy tariffs. Senior Consultant Kate Mulvany said that millions of families may be able to switch energy supplier and reap the benefits of savings that they had been missing out...

  • Media Mentions

    City AM| Price of wind power

    Senior Consultant Alex Asher warned that the fifth allocation round of the Contract for Difference scheme could see the cost of wind power generation rise, as geopolitical concerns and inflation drive up capital, which could lead to higher auction prices. City AM

  • Media Mentions

    Radio 4 ‘The Briefing Room’| Why are fuel and energy prices dropping?

    Kate Mulvany, Senior Consultant at Cornwall Insight, discussed the unexpected benefits of the recent winter for the energy market and the factors contributing to the decrease in wholesale prices with David Aaronovitch and Javier Blas. BBC Radio 4's 'The Briefing Room' - Listen at 06.05

  • Media Mentions

    Current+| long-term power prices

    Following the release of our fourth 2022 GB Power Market Outlook to 2030 our Senior Modeller Tom Edwards spoke to Current+ on why our modelling predicted power prices were unlikely to reach pre-2021 levels this decade. Current+

  • Media Mentions

    Guardian| Business decarbonisation

    In an interview with the Guardian, our CEO Gareth Miller discussed the potential negative impact of the government's Energy Bill Discount Scheme on the net-zero goals of UK businesses. He emphasised that cutting back on business support from April could lead to decreased investment, and suggested that shifting the policy...

  • Media Mentions

    BBC News Online| Falling wholesale market lowers price cap forecasts

    Our first price cap predictions for 2023 were revised downward due to decreasing wholesale prices. Despite the decrease, our Principal Consultant Dr Craig Lowrey warned in a BBC article that even if energy prices remain low, government spending related to the Energy Price Guarantee will likely be passed on to...

  • Media Mentions

    Daily Mail| Long-term wholesale prices high

    New modelling from Cornwall Insight included in our report – ‘Another winter of discontent?’ - was covered in the Daily Mail. Matthew Chadwick spoke on why the heavy reliance on foreign imports in the UK makes the country vulnerable to global rises. Daily Mail

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