Cornwall Insight release latest price cap predictions

The predictions for the Default Tariff Cap in this piece are out of date please click HERE to find our most up to date forecasts.

The latest Default Tariff Cap (price cap) predictions from Cornwall Insight have been released. These are calculated from market closing prices on Friday 3 February.

Figure 1: Cornwall Insight’s Default tariff cap forecasts

Figure 2: Default Tariff Price cap forecasts, Per Unit Cost and Standing Charge including VAT (dual fuel, direct debit customer, national average figures)

The observation window for the April – June 2023 price cap will close on February 17, and our final predictions will be released the following week. This is ahead of the announcement of the cap by Ofgem on February 27.

If you would like more information or to speak to one of our experts regarding the cap, please contact the Press and PR Officer Verity Sinclair: