Solutions to electric vehicle range anxiety

Tom Lusher, Analyst at Cornwall Insight, presented at the Technology as a Service (TaaS) Energising Future Mobility Conference 2019 at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham today. He spoke on the issue of range anxiety and how vital it is for industry players to work together to tackle this obstacle to electric vehicle (EV) uptake.

Tom Lusher, Analyst at Cornwall Insight, said:

“Worries about how far a vehicle will go on a single charge, better known as range anxiety, is one of the main barriers to EV uptake for both domestic and commercial users. However, range anxiety is multifaceted and includes issues such as battery capacity, charging infrastructure, standardised payment and charging experience issues, all of which will need to be tackled if the challenge of range anxiety is to be addressed.

“To do so will require a holistic approach with greater engagement between all stakeholders, from automakers, charge point operators through to oil majors and network owners. These key market players have already presented a range of solutions to both range and experience anxiety and by deepening the conversation around EVs, not only can they develop further innovations to combat these issues, but identify areas for collaboration.

“Customer perceptions on EV range deter them from switching to e-mobility, but by working together to solve range and experience anxiety issues, while improving the messaging that EVs are no longer an inconvenience, adoption rates will likely be boosted.”

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