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1. Related products

Flexibility services

Our experts are at the forefront of flexibility in the sector helping customers understand the sector and successfully deploy flexibility technology. Our suite of services support developers, asset owners and investors in operating across these markets.

REMA portal

The Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) looks to address long-standing inefficiencies of the GB energy market design. In our portal, you will find analysis and insights that explore REMA and its potential implications for the energy sector and market participants.

Our thought leadership

Our experts engage with clients to understand their needs arising from these transformations, and then design thought leadership campaigns through a holistic programme of activities that can include reports, webinars, events, bespoke workshops, and more.

Our consultancy services

We provide bespoke advisory services on commercial, regulatory and policy issues to companies across the industry, including generation project developers and investors, flexibility providers, energy retailers, network companies, and government departments.

Our CfD supplier obligation forecast

This forecast projects the cost of the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme to suppliers. As well as this, the report analyses events that could impact your operating costs and budgets for future years.

Business decarbonisation

Our services provide analysis for business and public sector organisations looking to decarbonise their power, heat and transport needs.

2. Who’s attending?

Talk to me about REMA and bespoke projects

Kate Mulvany

Talk to me about our flexibility services

Tom Ross

Talk to me about business and public sector decarbonisation, and EVs

Ben Reade

Headshot of Jamie Maule, a Research Analyst at Cornwall Insight.

Talk to me about our thought leadership

Jamie Maule

3. Free insight papers

A field of electricity pylons connecting to each other in front of a sunset sky.

Implications of the rising cost of capital for the fifth round of the Contract for Difference scheme

Soaring inflation and interest rates, combined with supply chain issues and labour shortages, have pushed up the cost of capital and increased the costs needed to finance renewable projects. With the latest round of the Contract for Difference (CfD) scheme set to open to applications this month many in the industry are concerned that the administrative strike price is set too low for projects to be financially viable given the rising capital costs.

This paper discusses the impacts of a high cost of capital on the success of both prospective and previously commissioned projects under the CfD scheme.

Co-location, co-location, co-location

As the UK transitions to net zero, the energy generation mix will become increasingly dominated by intermittent renewable generators, thus promoting a need for greater flexibility within the energy system. Setting up a new site, especially for storage assets, is currently a long and often costly process.

Whilst this report focuses primarily on the co-location of multiple generation or storage assets, the co-location of generation with demand is also discussed in the context of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and low-carbon hydrogen production.

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