Helping you meet your decarbonisation targets

We’ll help you manage your energy costs, advise on your decarbonisation plans and meet your sustainability targets.

Electricity bill forecast

Our Business electricity bill forecast will provide an accessible, understandable and useable trajectory of your bill costs, and its component elements, over five years and as a result aligned to a business’s typical planning, budgeting and strategising time period.

This insight has multiple applications for energy procurement and contracting, financial planning, and strategic or investment options cost-benefit assessment, with benefits for senior management, executive director and board-level decision making.

Being better informed about the evolution of bill costs over time, which are becoming increasingly volatile and influenced by complex regulatory and policy initiatives, will help to better inform your business decisions.

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Energy net zero

Energy net zero, provides news and insight into domestic and international energy market transformation to help deliver net zero energy targets.

As market structures evolve to accommodate countries progress towards zero carbon emissions, Energy net zero plots the progress and trajectory of these key market developments to identify the opportunities and challenges that could be on the horizon.

Our experts track all the significant developments around the globe, that may significantly impact the energy market, so you don’t have to. They distil the most essential elements of developments in a concise and accessible manner, allowing you to keep up-to-date with key trends and emerging thinking in the market, gaining a unique insight into their potential impacts.

Energy net zero forum

Our ‘Energy net zero forum’ is aimed at large business or public sector energy consumers and those interested in energy decarbonisation. The purpose of the forum is to translate the complex nature of the market and explain the latest changes to help you understand how they impact you. 

The forum is aimed at professionals working in finance, energy management, sustainability, and procurement. Attendees benefit from a mix of commercial and technical insight to help decision making on strategic energy matters.

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