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In this insight paper we discuss:

The recent activity in the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) market in Ireland, one can be forgiven for thinking that the landscape for energy purchasing by large Corporate entities is shifting drastically and quickly. Amazon have signed direct agreements with two wind farms and the government has set stretch targets for this type of renewable procurement in Ireland.

However, despite agreements being signed for dozens of gigawatts of generation capacity internationally, in Ireland landmark agreements have not yet lead to a broad market.

  • Explain the meaning of the term CPPA, the key players in a deal, and the benefits which can be delivered
  • Set out the size of the potential market in Ireland
  • Discuss how much the market is likely to grow in the short to medium-term

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James Goldsmith, Cornwall Insight Ireland, Senior Consultant commented

“Corporate PPAs have been delivering new renewable capacity to the grid globally in recent years, with the fall in renewable build-out costs. It had looked like Ireland was being left behind but a few transactions this summer indicate that this route to market is set to become an exciting area of development over the next decade. Having set ambitious renewable targets, the government is banking on CPPAs giving developers a viable route to market and end users access to the low cost renewable energy they are looking for.”